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Here's Why 50 Cent Ditched NYC, and Moved to Houston

Genius Turner
Perhaps 50 Cent — who's mellowed out with age — appreciates Houston's cool, Southern hospitality vibes.(

To know Houston is to love Houston. And apparently 50 Cent agrees

HOUSTON, Texas — I grew up in Houston. After college, I moved to New York City. 50 Cent, on the other hand, grew up in New York City. But upon turning 45, said to be the age a midlife crisis happens to most men, Curtis Jackson decided the time has come to live in a more relaxed environment.

For some reason, I thought Jackson would've waited until, say, he turned "50" before making such a move.

"I love NY," Jackson wrote on his Instagram post, "but I live in Houston now." He then added, "I'll explain later." Ah, but no need to explain later, Mr. Jackson. After all, what's understood need not be explained.

From the second I set foot in the concrete jungle years ago, I found myself missing the Bayou City's greenery. Sure, Houston may be the largest city in the South, but it still has that, hmm, warm, somewhat country feel to it. And if there's one thing New York City can't ever be mistaken for having it's — a "warm, somewhat country feel."

Perhaps 50 Cent, a survivor of being shot 9 times in his hometown, merely yearns for a new environment. Not to mention, he's been living in the heart of Manhattan for years (Midtown West). And according to the numbers, Manhattan is the most densely populated region in America. (Nearly 70,000 people per square mile.)

To say Manhattan is "kinda overcrowded" would be like saying Shaquille O'Neal is "kinda tall." Houston, on the other hand, though having millions of residents, ranks among the most sprawling cities in America.
Houston provides residents an excellent balance of city life and nature.(Adam Baker/Flickr)

"Houston spans a massive 600 square miles (1,554 square kilometers). That's large enough to fit Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit within city limits," according to a report. They call Texas the "land of wide-open spaces" for a reason. And for 50 Cent, apparently, more space is more relaxing.

"Who's buying the 'Darth Vader House' in West U?" the Houston Chronicle wonders. "Maybe 50 Cent."

But beyond the landscape, Houston has 50 Cent's heart for a "plainer" reason, or plain ol' dollars and cents to be exact, no pun intended.

Back in October as Election Day neared, a CNBC graphic showed how under the Biden administration, for citizens earning more than $400,000 — "the combined federal and state tax rate for top earners in New York state would be 58% [...] and New York City at 62%."

Clearly 50 Cent, who's struggled with financial issues in the past, wasn't thrilled by the projected tax plan. "IM OUT [of New York]," he wrote on Instagram. "The KNICKS never win anyway." Texas, on the other hand, is famous for having no state income tax.


To put it simply, in Houston you get more bang for your buck than you do in New York. And as 50 Cent once famously rapped, "I'd rather count money than count problems!" Perhaps this explains why he ditched NYC for H-Town.

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