Why LA County's COVID Positivity Rate Hitting a Record Low is a Good Sign

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With the Positivity Rate at its Lowest Since Start of Pandemic, LA County is Hopeful for a Return to Normal

LOS ANGELES — "Could life return to normal by summer?" reads the CBS News' headline.

Take a glance around LA, and you'll notice the writing on the wall: the City of Angels is gearing up for a return to normalcy. Perhaps by the time summer rolls around, Angelenos will be saying, "Welcome Back, Normal," if not Kotter.

A few weeks ago as Orange County stayed true to its first name, LA County joined them in the Orange Tier of the state's monitoring system.

According to the four-tiered, color-coded system, the passing of each tier is similar to each new job promotion — each level carries greater benefits. And because it only took 20 days for LA County's promotion from the Red Tier (tier 2) to the present Orange, Angelenos can already glimpse the final frontier — better known as the Yellow Tier.

With the average daily rate of positive tests falling below 1% on Friday, the lowest since the pandemic started, the Yellow Tier's required average daily case rate of 2 per 100,000 residents is well within reach. The only holdup, most likely, is the rate has to be sustained for at least two weeks.

Governor Newsom has already announced, in early April, California plans to retire the tier system. June 15 is the targeted date. And with summer officially starting just five days after that, perhaps Isabel Marant will once again remind her fellow Europeans — who love vacationing in LA during summertime — why:

In Los Angeles, you can have the city life and feel like you're on holiday at the same time.

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By the end of June, said Dr. Paul Simon of the county Department of Public Health, LA County will have vaccinated 80% of the population if everything remains on track.

Take a glance around, and you'll notice "goods signs" ranging from high schools to AMC theaters. As for the "re-" in the reopening of all such doors to the public, it also applies to a return to normalcy. But before making a full return, the public health director Dr. Ferrer cautions:

As the weather gets warmer and we go out to enjoy all that our beautiful county has to offer, let’s keep up with the straightforward safety measures that have reduced transmission.

Dr. Ferrer's simple safety tips remind us why it's long been said — wisdom is nothing but the right use of knowledge. And because Angelenos, though rightfully frustrated from a yearlong quarantine, know COVID still lurks, the only setback will be to unwisely throw caution to the wind.

In short, with the test positivity rate at a record low and even Disneyland recently announced its reopening, all such good signs point to a return to normalcy, soon.

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