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Here's Why Allowing NYC Bars & Restaurants to Stay Open Until Midnight is a Good Sign

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"I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps" —Frank Sinatra


Starting Next Week, NYC Takes Another Step Towards Returning to 'The City That Never Sleeps'

New York City — Over the past year, reality has been turned so upside-down that even The City That Never Sleeps found itself issued a curfew. One could only imagine what Ol' Blue Eyes would've said, or sang about, had he lived in the Age of a Pandemic.

At times, quarantine made the once swift New York Minute feel like an hour.

With the restaurants and bars and nightclubs shut down, heck, even I — a homebody whose only familiarity with a "club" is the kind that ends with sandwich — found myself missing the "good ol' days."

Ah, thankfully, April Showers bring May flowers!

Governor Cuomo tweeted:

#BREAKING: Effective Monday, April 19, the curfew currently in place for bars & restaurants will be moving from 11pm to midnight. The curfew for catered events will move from midnight to 1am.

"Dare we say that New York City is on track to... a potential return to normalcy?" Anna Yehuda of Timeout asked.

A return to normalcy is in the air indeed!

A return to what once inspired French writer Simone de Beauvoir, upon visiting the Big Apple, to come away feeling like “there is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless.”

Part of the aura that's long surrounded New York City is the feeling of boundless freedom. After all, in no other city in the world does Lady Liberty proudly hold a torch — a torch which, for over a century now, has symbolized freedom and opportunity for immigrants arriving by sea.

From the statue itself, which represents a Roman Goddess, to my manager actually named Goddess, who put it best: "Whereas Los Angeles' clubs shut down at 2 am, in New York — we're usually just leaving home to go party at 1 OAK or Avenue at 2 am, dahling."

("In New York, we're usually just leaving home to go party at 1 OAK." Pic provided by author: Emma and Goddess Matula.)

Perhaps part of New York City's charm, from the bodegas staying open for business all night to the bar across the street still serving food in the wee hours of the night — or morning, depending on who you ask — all boils down to a feeling of freedom.

"Now you're in New York," Alicia Keys once sang. "There's nothing you can't do [. . .] These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you!"

In short, Cuomo's recent tweet is a good sign for a number of reasons. After all, pushing the curfew to midnight suggests by the time summer rolls around — Sinatra's "city that never sleeps" will have returned to normal.

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