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Why Mayor De Blasio Ending Remote Work for 80,000 is a Good Sign

Genius Turner

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started" —Mark Twain


Allowing Office Workers to Return May 3 was Mayor De Blasio's 'Bat-Signal', which said: NYC is Reopening for Business!

New York City — "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life." Wilde's famed insight perfectly captures the latest saga known as Gotham City.

Similar to the DC Comics, just as Bruce Wayne served as Gotham's mayor for a brief stint, de Blasio's time as mayor is ticking down. Running for a third term is prohibited. And so, just as in art the Bat-Signal summons the superhero, Batman, in real-life — de Blasio's announced need for returning to offices also serves as a good sign.

Instead of facing off against, say, Joker and Penguin, de Blasio has to contend with COVID and Pandemic. As for the superhero, in this case: the city and private-sector workers have long served as the very heartbeat of NYC's economy.

When a city is called "the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world," as is the case for NYC, it's safe to say: a year's worth of discouraging private companies and business, across the board, has proven to be a villain indeed.

Mayor de Blasio, then, rightfully wants to ensure he rights the ship before "docking" for the final time.

“We’re going to make it safe, but we need our city workers back in their offices where they can do the most to help their fellow New Yorkers,” the mayor said last week, while promising strict safety precautions. “And it’s also going to send a powerful message about this city moving forward.”

"This city moving forward" is the most pressing concern indeed!

(Like the Bat-Signal, the mayor's announcement is a "good sign" intended to summon NYC's superheroes: the workers around the city. Pic: screenshot provided by author, from Twitter)

There's an old saying — rest invites rust! Indeed, for The City That Never Sleeps to have been hibernating for a year now has left de Blasio and his team rightfully concerned. And so, it appears with the latest announcement the time has come to put the "new" back in New York.

Time for landlords to pull back the curtains on those skyscrapers, the mayor is suggesting. ...

Time for office workers to return to the cubicles, the mayor is whispering. ...

Time for the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world to return to its throne!

Sure, grumblings can be overheard around the city that "the return is too soon." From union leaders down to workers, all such complaints are justified. After all, because NYC is the most densely packed region in the country, quite naturally it "has among the highest coronavirus case rates in the nation," according to a NY Times report.

Despite the above concerns, of which Mayor de Blasio is well aware, he's putting his faith in Gotham City. And the mayor's "Bat-Signal" is set to brighten gradually, over a period of several weeks. From caseworkers to computer specialists, all are set to serve as the "superheroes" of Gotham.

Perhaps the mayor understands, deep down, that a century ago Mark Twain gave us New Yorkers the answer to the riddle:

The secret of getting ahead is getting started!

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