Why Men Cheat

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"Nature doesn't cheat, but men do" —Anonymous


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I. The DNA of the Guy Code

The comedian Chris Rock once joked, "a man is only as faithful as his options." Ah, many a true word is spoken in jest indeed!

I once had a teammate—back at Texas A&M—whose catchphrase was "the only thing better than a good-looking chick is a new good-looking chick."

Sure, my old teammate's saying was as crass as chewing with your mouth open, yet so far as we're concerned with the truth here—let us leave style points to gymnastic judges!

In short, my old teammate seemingly voiced a general feeling held by men, though long suppressed from being openly voiced. Of course, there's a name for such secrecy among guys—The Guy Code.

Without further ado, I'll now briefly shed light on the very DNA of The Guy Code—that is, why men cheat.


II. Biology vs. Psychology


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During a classic scene from When Harry Met Sally, Harry mentions to Sally: “You realize, of course, that we could never be friends.”

“Why not?” she wonders.

Sally expects an answer long and sour, but Harry keeps it short and sweet:

“Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.”

From Hollywood to everyday life, the above theme persists. Take for instance "Jack."

When Jack sits across the table from Jill during a dinner date, he’s being sincere when he winks and mouths, “I love you, baby.”

Because we humans are the only life forms that can express such deep affection for our significant others, due to being armed with a mind, the study of this uniquely human faculty falls to psychology.

Ah, but when Jack listens intently as Jill revisits her day at work and his eyes so happen to lock on the next table, where some brunette busies herself flaunting excessive cleavage while leaning over slowly to pour the table a glass of water, he can’t help but turn into Pavlov’s dog.

After all, Jack’s drooling is natural; so natural, in fact, the reaction lies rooted in biology.

Back in childhood, I never understood what my aunts meant by the cryptic expression: “Now it’s one thing if he loses his mind for one night and stand on the wrong side of truth, but to wine and dine another woman . . . getting to know her and stuff, oh — hell to the naw!”

In other words, women have long intuitively grasped that subtle line drawn in the sand between a man’s biology and his psychology.


III. Look the Other Way if He’s Worth the Looking


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“Surrounding myself with beautiful women keeps me young,” Hugh Hefner once said.

Speaking from personal experience here, I’ve known a few females who dated professional athletes.

Each of these ladies had two things in common: they were beautiful and willing to “look the other way,” so long as the ballplayer didn’t “embarrass” them in public.

Such insight into the above psychology of love led me to the following conclusion:

The number of zeros on a man’s bank balance is proportional to the number of things his lady is willing to look the other way for.

Women involved with either wealthy or famous men seem to have figured out this: the fame and fortune attract so much “extra” temptation that, eventually, most men simply crumble under biology’s “extra” pressure.

“Pressure busts pipes,” goes the saying. …

Perhaps we humans sometimes forget who we really are. We forget our closest cousin is named Chimp; so close in fact — we share roughly 98 percent of our DNA with chimps.

“Man,” reminded Darwin, “still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.”

In short, given that a man’s fellow primates in the wild strive to mate and procreate with as many females as possible, why would his 98-percent-identical cousin be any different?


IV. In Closing

“Baby, gimmie an almost good-looking man with an almost good income, and I’ll be good to go,” the comedian Sommore once joked.

Many a true word is spoken in jest, indeed!

Whereas most women dream of marrying Prince Joe or Handsome Joe, it’s in fact Average Joe who stands the best chance of serving as a faithful spouse.

Average Joe’s limited options serve him well in this respect: the less women feel the need to flirt with him, the less biology feels the need to screw with his psychology.


After all, “a man is only as faithful as his options.”

Here lies the answer to why men cheat.

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