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Trees Atlanta gives tips on how to decorate without damaging trees around the city

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(ATLANTA, Ga.) The holiday season is the perfect time to bring out the best of the best. The biggest tree, the best and brightest lights and the most festive decorations you can think of. Whether you’re decorating your home interior or adding to your neighborhood’s festive display, Trees Atlanta is wanting you to be considerate of how you care for the organisms.

The nonprofit organization shared some helpful tips to consider before you dress to impress this year.

  • Use temporary ties instead of nails: Using temporary ties, straps and zips will minimize the risk of any injury to the tree. Nails, screws and other sharp items can pierce the bark of the tree and create holes that make it easy for disease and or insects to enter the tree.
  • Keep straps and wires loose: It’s recommended to remove the decorations from the tree as soon as the holiday season ends. This is so the straps used don't hinder the growth of tree limbs and continue to reduce any injury to the tree. When strings of lighting are left too long on limbs, they end up digging into the bough or trunk as it grows creating injury to the tree. If you choose to leave strings of lights on longer, arrange them loosely and periodically rehang them so that they are always loose and not choking the tree.
  • Check wires and plugs regularly. Whether the tree is decorated indoors or outdoors, any electrified decorations could be a source of fire hazards if they are not well maintained.
  • Prune in winter: If you notice any limbs that need pruning on your tree, do it immediately. Also, avoid hanging decorations on hazardous limbs or limbs that need extra care.

What is Pruning?

According to Trees Atlanta, pruning during winter is considered optimal since deciduous trees are dormant and pruning is less disruptive to growing trees. Bacteria, fungi, and insects are also less active, thus pruning during winter may decrease chances of injury to trees when creating new cuts.

The organization will be hosting a tree pruning workshop in collaboration with Concrete Jungle in the coming weeks at the Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill.

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