An organized office space can be linked to high productivity

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Making the transition from an office to permanently remote (or a hybrid schedule) may not have been as easy as some thought it would.

Think about it, where you live also became the place where you work as well as where you host friends and family, raise children, create, work out and more.

The upside to working from home is that you’re away from the daunting fluorescent lighting, standard grey cubicle and other bland design elements that made your workday move by slowly. Working from home means you can design and maintain your office space any way you’d like. However, as time goes on and you’ve settled into your new routine, you may have noticed that your space is cluttered and holds more than your office essentials.

If you’re not careful, your workspace can go from a place of productivity to a dystopia of disorganization. If you’ve been looking for ways to refresh your space or incorporate more “work friendly” elements, keep reading below:

Do a Clean Sweep

Literally. If you can’t think of the last time you saw the top of your desk, it’s time to sweep it clean and remove everything but your essentials. Take away the scraps of paper, office supplies, even the pieces of mail you’ve let pile up and leave only your monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Incorporate dividers

Working from home doesn’t completely rid you of coworkers. Whether it’s your spouse, child or furry friend, make sure they understand your need for space. Sometimes, a home office isn’t a room with four walls and a door, it can be a small nook, dining room table or a former closet. Get creative by adding a curtain or some form of a partition that separates work from home. When it’s time to work, pull back the curtain and start your day. And when it’s time to call it a day, pull the curtain closed so work is out of sight and out of mind.

Get really organized

No matter how tech-focused we become, we’ll always need office storage to hold paperwork, pens, notepads and other items to make your workday smooth. However, many home offices may be small and storage can seem difficult, however, you can maximize your space with unconventional storage solutions like hanging clipboards, corkboards, mounted shelves and hanging baskets. This is a great way to switch up your wall decor, open up the office space and keep your desk clear of clutter.

Giving your workspace a refresh can seem like an overwhelming task on top of work deadlines, but there are long-term benefits like:

  • Increased productivity
  • A better mood
  • Less stress
  • Increased positivity

Being able to get straight to work instead of sifting through clutter not only means you can produce a lot of work, but it also means you can produce high-quality work.

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