Five essential tips before planning a trip with kids:

1) Be a responsible traveler

Take your temperature before you fly and consider getting tested for the virus—a simple nose swab—before and after travel. Be prepared to self-quarantine pre or post-travel as well. If you contract the coronavirus, be sure to tell everyone you came into contact with, as well as your doctor.

2) Check the news before you go

Be sure you comprehend the up-to-date information on where hotspots are located. Travel with plenty of hand sanitizer for when soap and water are not available.

3) What to Know About Kids and Masks

Protect yourself, your kids, and others around you by wearing a mask. Masks should fit snugly around the nose and mouth and cover the chin. Little kids tend to touch their faces a lot, and a face shield can help with this.

4) What to Bring

In addition to hand sanitizer, bring along a baggie of disinfectant wipes, and be sure to wipe down armrests, windows, trays, and anything your kids might touch in the airplane. Pack along with a travel thermometer and medications and prescriptions

5) Where to stay

Choose accommodations that are private and stand-alone structures. Select lodging that has a kitchen, perfect for families, where you can bring and cook your food or order room service.

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