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Kissimmee, Florida Honors Military and History Buffs Alike at Unique Museum of Military History

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Museum of Military History/ Kissimmee/Photo Source: MMH Management

Learn your military history at the Museum of Military History

Living in America is a privilege for many reasons. It is a country where people from far and wide aim to achieve a better life and accomplish the American dream. However, one of the reasons our great nation is still standing has to do with our military. In the quaint town of Kissimmee, Florida, Military personnel and history buffs alike are honored by a small but magnificent museum called the Museum of Military History.

The purpose of our military is to protect the freedoms and rights of Americans. Since its inception, Americans of different backgrounds have put their lives on the line to maintain the quality of life we currently enjoy. Despite popular belief, the military is not an organization devoted to violently conquering other nations. Instead, the many branches of the military are involved in numerous humanitarian efforts around the globe.

The citizens of Kissimmee, Florida, appreciate what the military does for our country. So much so that it’s currently the home of the Museum of Military History. Whether you’re a resident or guest of the Kissimmee area, you should check out this fun and information-filled tour. I enjoyed every minute of my visit. The memorabilia is amazing.

The origins of the MMH

Back in March of 2003, some Vietnam veterans came up with the idea of displaying military memorabilia during their visit to the Vietnam Veterans Traveling Memorial Wall. While in their tent, Jim and Jerry Kervin, along with Dave Roberts, spoke with the Osceola Mall Manager about opening a storefront to display military items from the various battles. Thus, this became the first Veterans Tribute.

Realizing the importance of sharing this history, volunteers banded together to keep this tribute running in its early years. After a successful grand opening, the Kervins filed paperwork to legitimize the Veterans Tribute as a corporation. Once it became a non-profit corporation, it expanded into the museum we see today. But, of course, the rest is history.
Military display/Photo Source: Michael W.

What the Museum has to offer

This museum dedicated to veterans and people in the military gives you a realistic experience of what it was like being on the front lines fighting for our country. The tribute museum has exhibits that highlight important American battles, including the Civil War, World War 1, and 2. They even have displays on current American events.

The artifacts in each exhibit are from donations by veterans as well as the families of fallen heroes. The staff preserves these artifacts with donations and volunteers from the community who appreciate history and show their veterans’ support. You can see anything from uniforms to gas masks. Some exhibits even have muskets on display.
Military vehicle/Photo Source: Paul P.

If you want to go on a group visit to the Museum of Military History, group tours are available all year round. The tour leaders have prior military experience, which enriches the museum tour experience for you and your loved ones. Not only do they have combat training and experience, but they also have extensive knowledge of history, allowing even people with minimal experience with military-related information to grasp what it was like to be a part of the five branches of battle.

Although you can walk in, it’s best to submit a pre-registration form for groups, especially if the party is more than 14 people. When you pre-register for a tour, you have complimentary access to a veteran docent. The same applies to field trips.
Medals of honor/Photo Source: The medic of business

If you’re a teacher looking to bring your class, you will need to pre-register to reserve a tour date. Museum staff will reply within three business days with a confirmation, so apply sooner than later. If your students are younger than 16, you will need at least one chaperone per ten children.

The MMH also offers adult group visits. So whether you’re in a senior group or want to schedule a veteran reunion, they can accommodate you and your party. Their website contains information about luncheons as well as after-hour functions.

If you are unable to make it to an in-person tour, the museum offers virtual tours. These tours are not as in-depth as the tours led by veteran docents. In addition, the virtual tour doesn’t display the same artifacts as the in-person tours.

When you take a virtual tour on the app, you’re learning about artifacts and servicemen and women that didn’t make it into mainstream history. The virtual tour is an excellent prerequisite for in-person visits to the museum and an alternative for people who live in different states that want to view exhibits before making a trip to the Kissimmee Florida, area.

Accessing the virtual tour through the app is simple. The museum’s website offers a step-by-step guide to navigating the app via laptop and cell phones. Once you’ve completed the virtual tour, please share your feedback via social media so others can enjoy a similar experience.

Museum details and things to consider

If you and your party decide to drive, there is a parking lot that is free of charge. However, tour buses must contact the museum in advance. Also, all entrances on the premises are wheelchair accessible. Feel free to bring your own or visit the lobby to grab a complimentary walker or wheelchair for your tour. Remember, these are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so do your best to arrive early.

People with registered support animals can bring them on tour. There are also multiple sitting areas located around the museum.

When it comes to admission costs, the prices vary. Adults 18 and older pay $12 unless they have an active-duty military ID. Active duty and children under five receive free admission. Seniors pay $11, retired veterans pay $9, and disabled veterans pay $7. Students under 17, as well as college students, pay $9. Discounted prices only apply to visitors with an ID.

Unfortunately, the museum isn’t accepting applications for memberships. However, you can renew existing memberships online. Regular business hours are 10 am until 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Check the schedule for holidays and days that are unavailable before scheduling your visit.
Statues representing Military personnel/Photo Source: shinyburlingtonON

Since the MMH is a non for profit organization, it’s up to the visitors and community to keep the doors open. Visitors are always encouraged to contribute as their hearts direct.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact a staff member via their website. Here you can inquire about schedules for after-hours and special events. You can also find directions and the address on the website.

YouTube: MMH

It’s easy to forget that the everyday liberties we have are because of the brave men, women, and canines that put their lives on the line. But, by paying a visit to the Museum of Military History in Kissimmee, Florida, you can learn from veterans about the heroes that made our country so great. You can also see some memorabilia from the most significant wars in American history.

Volunteers and interns are appreciated and needed to help the museum run. Volunteers and interns don’t have to have military experience. However, extensive knowledge of American History and military technology is preferred. If you enjoy the MMH and volunteer your time and talents, you can go online and apply. You can also contact staff to get information for school projects.

Remember to follow the pandemic guidelines. Social distancing is required; however, masks are optional. We must do our part in keeping each other safe by following legal protocol. Failure to comply can be grounds for dismissal.

"The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten."-Calvin Coolidge-

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