Silicon Valley Social Media Enthusiasts Going Wild Over the Clubhouse

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Silicon Valley residents are going wild with enthusiasm for the Clubhouse media app with 1500 users and already valued at $100 million.

Unless you have been surviving under a rock, you have already heard the buzz around Silicon Valley’s trendiest invention.

Last year, tech city launched a voice chat app called Clubhouse. The elite digital space opened doors for real-time conversations and online social gatherings between users. Much like Zoom, it fills post-pandemic life with human connections. The only catch is that this invite-only app lets commoners like me interact with high-profile users.

So far, the new-age social media app has already garnered interest from celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, etc. The glamorous attendees are followed by business tycoons, social activists, and influential media members. The instant popularity has led to $ 1 billion+ revenue and two million users before its official release.

Yet, the million-dollar-question is whether getting an invite into this exclusive club is worth the hustle.

My insider’s scoop covers everything you need to know about this social media app.

What is Clubhouse?

The voice chat app is the brainchild of entrepreneur Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. The platform allows users to enter themed chat rooms (or clubs) and engage with other members. All attending members hear these audio-only sessions in real-time. One of the app’s distinguishing feature is that these voice notes get erased once you listen to them. That means you will miss out on the conversations if you aren’t online.

Think of it as having a private pass to a Hollywood after-party. You have to be there to see the behind-the-scenes action and overhear conversations. Much like that party, users are free to roam around clubs to participate in chat room discussions. Each chat room gets hosted by a designated moderator(s). These individuals select topics and have speaking privileges during scheduled sessions.

You also have the choice to create private chat rooms with other members of the club. You can invite participants via your contact list or the club directory.

Key advantages of getting a Clubhouse invite

If you think Clubhouse is all talk, you are wrong. Becoming part of the elite group can pave the way for exciting opportunities when you least expect them.

Here is a sneak peek of its benefits:

It’s almost like hanging out IRL.

A significant part of the voice chat app’s charm is the real-time interactions. Use the app to round-up friends and coworkers when you join celebrity chat rooms. It’s like attending a panel or comic-con online. The only drawback is that these social engagements take place in the comfort of your home.

Yet, having that only serves as a minor inconvenience. For the most part, these virtual interactions are a productive way to fill idle hours and reconnect with your community.

Get inspired & create

Clubhouse cures your post-pandemic blues by allowing you to engage in real-time conversations. Choosing chat rooms based on your interests and keeping an eye on scheduled sessions can rekindle your lost spark.

Even though you can’t replay these conversations, you can still note intriguing arguments and pointers. Then use current discussions as a basis of new business ideas and marketing campaigns. Or use the platform to pitch your creative content and insights.

 Climb the social ladder

Whether you are a business owner or influencer, the social media app functions as an excellent meeting ground to expand your network using it to collaborate with industry leaders and peers, the network functions as an exciting new tool to promote brand services, products, or upcoming events.

You can also use it to connect with an online community that shares similar interests and passions. Or, increase your brand presence by converting app users into loyal followers.

How to get invited to the Clubhouse

As stated earlier, Clubhouse is an invite-only app. You can’t join the semi-exclusive platform without an invite from a current user. If you are an iPhone user, you can reserve a spot (and username) in the virtual waiting list. You can do this by downloading the Clubhouse app from the Apple store. Once your application gets accepted, you can send invites to friends and family.

Fortunately, the owners plan to release app services for the general public by the end of this year. They are using this beta-testing trial to monitor the traction and functionality of current features. Once convinced that the voice chat app can accommodate more users, they will schedule a launch.

Until then, you can scour your social circle to see if someone has a membership to this elite club.

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Making the right connections

The lucky influencers and marketers who have already scored an invite have much to say about the voice chat app. Many new users list countless benefits of Clubhouse to boost brand awareness and teach newcomers a few tips and tricks about networking.

Top tips include:

1. Create an SEO-focused bio

Like most social media apps, your bio plays an influential role in attracting the right follower. Inside the Clubhouse, people can use member or club directories to find other people. What you add to your bio can determine who will approach you.

Marketers are advising new users to create searchable profiles with SEO keywords and buzzwords. Try to include essential details within the first three lines, making sure they intrigue the reader. You should also add necessary information like job title, company name, social media channels, and clubs (within the app).

If you’re a freelancer or influencer, you can use your bio to highlight skills and topics of interest.

2. Social etiquettes are essential

Unlike Twitter, you can’t jump in and join random conversations. The Clubhouse adheres to strict interaction rules in these social circles. For instance, you need to raise your hand (virtually) whenever you want to speak. If the moderator accepts your request, you can pitch in your ideas or ask follow-up questions.

If you do not receive permission, you will have to stick to listening or applauding.

Similarly, users are required to ‘peace out’ of the chat before they leave. It’s essential for small virtual gatherings where the host (or other attendees) might expect you to respond to a query/topic.

Additionally, you can talk to celebrities and social media influencers privately via DM. The direct message option makes it convenient for users to share online resources and ideas.

3. Strength in socialization

The more you socialize, the more people you will meet. Yet, current users observed that scheduling lengthy solo discussions can turn listeners off. Instead of this, you should opt for round table discussions. These will allow you to gain more following compared to chat rooms with solo moderators. It turns out that people are more likely to cultivate stronger relationships when you let others speak. You should consider hosting panel-like chats with several moderators and allow two-way conversations by letting other attendees speak.

That way, you can entertain larger rooms and connect with bigger audiences. With the right co-hosts, you can attract new clients and create leads within the social media app and outside it (i.e., on other online platforms).

It’s a wrap!

In a nutshell, Clubhouse is rapidly becoming the ultimate networking space for social and professional interactions. It also presents many recreational opportunities to an average user. The benefits of Clubhouse depend on whether or not you align your app usage with worthwhile goals.

However, you can risk losing out on career-defining opportunities if you do not play by the rules. So tread strategically and message all acquaintances. Maybe one of them can send you an invite to the hottest social media app of the season.

Best of luck!

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