6 Reasons Why You Should Use Cinnamon In The Garden

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Cinnamon is a very beneficial spice for people. It can also benefit your plants! Not only does it help them to grow, but it gives off the healthiest aroma you could ever imagine.

We present some of our favorite ideas on how best to use cinnamon around your home or garden – try one out today!

Cinnamon benefits both us and our indoor/outdoor plants in many ways: by helping with growth, giving off an amazing scent that we love; these are just two examples among several others found below.

6 Uses of Cinnamon for Plants:


Are you familiar with the documentary scene where sea turtles are tucked away in their cute little womb and break out of their small shell to climb up from a sandy surface? Well, that’s happening inside your seedling container.

What if you knew exactly what happens next is they’re attacked by disease-causing organisms? Of course it won’t be birds or sharks but instead diseases will enter this delicate biological process known as life cycle!

For gardeners, dampening off is a term used to describe an array of diseases that attack seeds and cause their demise.

This can be caused by different fungi or soil conditions; however, cinnamon has been proven as one way to fight fungus. Dust some fresh soil with this spice (cinnamon) in order to prevent this disease from harming your plants! Imagine you’re helping the little turtle survive its environment- just like someone would help feed turtles at the zoo!

Wild Mushrooms

The turtle example discussed before demonstrates that mushrooms cannot stand cinnamon.

Do not waste your afternoon picking boring wild mushrooms from your garden, instead give them some cinnamon and watch the magic happen!

Rooting Hormone

If you want to stop the chemicals from plant growth hormones but don’t know how, put cinnamon on your plants.

It works just as well and it makes for a tasty snack!

Ant Deterrent

With cinnamon, you can kill ants or keep them away. Just sprinkle some at the entrances of your house to prevent their invasion.

It’s an easy way for ant removal – no need to call exterminators!

Plant Wounds

If you accidentally cut or wounded your plants, don’t be sad about it.

Dust some cinnamon on the wounds and help them heal faster by starting a process of healing. This way you also prevent infection from occurring in the plant as well!

House Plants

Who says cinnamon can’t be used to help with gardening? This yummy spice does more than just enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes; it also helps you get rid of mold and mildew.

Sprinkle some on your soil, watch them flourish! Having gnat problems this season? Cinnamon works wonders here too: place a bit in seedlings or houseplants and keep those pesky insects away from home without using harsh chemicals.

Cinnamon is a natural way to help your plants. It’s cheap and can be found in most people’s kitchens or grocery stores. So use it wisely!

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