Are Black Friday deals better than Christmas sales?


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Well, that’s a tough question. I’d say that it really depends on what you are shopping for. For instance, all kinds of Christmas-shaped candy, festive pajamas, champagne, and other kinds of only-Xmas-appropriate things are going to be on sale after Christmas and New Year’s, and they are going to be CHEAP. Home products usually enter this category as well. Curtains, beddings, and such.

However, if you are talking about something more “serious” like electronics or actual gifts shopping, I’d say that Black Friday is better.

  1. It is better because instead of wasting a crazy sum of money at one instance a day or a week before Christmas is going to leave you financially scarred and scared.
  2. It is also better because this is the time of the year when all sellers know they can get rid of their dead stock. This is a big deal for them because some sellers end up with 80% of their stock just laying there, unable to be sold. They lose money. So big sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are their chance to shine.

However, bear in mind that some sellers may hike their prices up by 100%-800% just to make the “after discount” price look better. I recommend trusting the giants that don't usually disappoint us, like Amazon per se.

And one last piece of advice - seek out affiliate websites. These are the best when it comes to finding the best deals, and they truly care about their readers/subscribers/viewers, this is their income and they depend on it. So, they are usually very trustworthy.

As an example, check out this Amazon Gift Ideas Affiliate Blog. It obviously specializes in Amazon, but I personally find they do a nice job covering the big sales and coming up with lists like “top 10 best XX”, I enjoy these the most.

Hope that helps. Don’t forget to get an extra Christmas gift in case somebody unexpected gives you one and you don’t want to be the jerk who doesn’t reply with a gift on a gift?

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