After 37 Years, Someone Found Gabe Newell in the Easter Eggs of Windows 1.0

Lucas Brooks

Finding eggs in past programs and software is still a subject of great interest to many people - developers hide all kinds of strange content in their programs by various means, mostly developer lists or mini-games and music, and so on. But triggering the egg itself is a kind of arcane science, there is no instruction prompt, there is no rule to follow, to trigger almost entirely rely on the user's own " sniffer " to try.

The charm of the eggs also lies in the story behind them - the developers of Windows 98 came from different regions, through a "You_are_a_real_rascal" you can see the Staff list and office location; while in the Atari game "Adventure", Warren Binnert and other developers who hate to squeeze the labor force hid their names in the hidden levels, so as to rebel against the boss who only cares about making money.

Recently, Windows enthusiast Lucas Brooks claimed on his Twitter account that he found the oldest Windows egg, along with a video, and the content of the egg was a list of system developers.
Lucas Brooks

According to Lucas Brooks, this Windows 1.0 egg is hidden very deep: "It was very well hidden, they placed the encrypted data at the end of a bitmap file (the smiley face bitmap) and there weren't tools to extract bitmaps from NEs back then. Even if somebody managed to extract the bitmap, they wouldn't've noticed the extra data at the end."

He also said that " Of course Microsoft did a really good job at hiding it and I still don't really know how to trigger it. I patched some binaries to force it to show up."

And with this 37-year history of Windows 1.0 developers list exposed, the majority of users were surprised to find a familiar name in it - Gabe Newell, also known as G fat.

As we all know, G Fat once dropped out of Harvard and came to work at Microsoft in 1983, and stayed for 13 years. He has said he was the producer of the first three versions of Windows, from the point of view of time, it is reasonable to participate in the development of Windows 1.0, it is not difficult to understand the appearance in the list of eggs.

It's worth mentioning that the gaming industry bigwig didn't speak kindly to his old boss. In 2012, when Microsoft released Windows 8, its WinRT operating system required developer applications to be released through the Windows App Store, which was different from the open system model of Windows in the past and once triggered widespread criticism from developers.

In the face of the application store's 30% commission and exclusive game distribution platform restrictions, the Windows-based Steam for PC will naturally be affected, G Fat is quite dissatisfied with this, he has publicly accused the Windows 8 system "for the PC industry is a disaster".

But that's all old news. About a month ago, Microsoft dropped its exclusive game release program through its own store and put many of its games on the Steam platform - which seems like a good thing, but who can't ignore the rise of XGP. The subscription service has brought millions of console and PC users to Microsoft, and with all of this being Microsoft's own apps, it's hard to say if they'll pose a direct threat to Steam in the near future.

On this matter, G fat in an interview with the media clearly said that Steam is unlikely to imitate Microsoft to increase their own game subscription services, but the expansion of XGP to their own platform this thing "is obviously a popular choice."

G Fat also made a public gesture that he would be happy to work with Microsoft, and claimed that they had already started discussions with Microsoft on this aspect. After all, there is a precedent of EA Play subscription service joining Steam, XGP, and Steam's destiny is still there - maybe G Fat's name in the Windows 1.0 egg is some good sign.

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