Today in the Game History: Chrono Trigger is officially released


On March 11, 1995, Chrono Trigger was officially released on SFC.

Previously, IGN had listed a "Top 100 classic RPGs of all time" ranking, and gave the evaluation to the game at the top - "to the 100 greatest RPGs in history in order of priority is a difficult thing, but if you want to choose the top is incredibly simple" - such an amazing appraisal, and the game that came out on top, is the Chrono Trigger.

As an RPG born at the end of the last century, the product lineup of this game is luxurious: Final Fantasy the father of the series of Sakaguchi Hironobu as producer, Dragon Quest the father of Horii Yuji is responsible for the story script, Dragon Ball author Toriyama Akira for character design, plus Kitase Yoshifan, Kato Masato, Kouda Yasunori, and Uematsu Nobuo and other familiar game industry practitioners in the future It can be said that the product lineup of this work in the field of JRPG reached an almost insurmountable peak, and the quality of the game has also reached an amazing degree.

Chrono Trigger tells the story of a teenager Crono in the festival when he met a young girl who accidentally entered the time portal Marle, and in order to save Marle, Crono did not hesitate to jump into the time portal, launched a span of 65 million years, in as many as eight different points in time between the story. The game's one-week program is a fixed plot, but the subsequent game process will become a multiple ending set, each time node has a special process that can affect the ending, any decision made in the course of the game may affect the subsequent ending.

Chrono Trigger with its excellent plot narrative, complex multiple endings, excellent graphics, heartfelt music performance, and full of strategic ATB battle mode has become a significant part of the game history. As if IGN gave the same evaluation - "to the 100 greatest RPGs in history in order of priority is a difficult thing, but if you want to choose the top is incredibly simple."

Today in Game History aims to bring you the story of every shining point in this vast history, maybe it is not so dazzling and not so worth remembering, but I still hope to fish it up in this raging river, so that you can recall that many years ago today, there was someone who looked at the same starry sky as you.

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