Firewatch in-depth experience, an escape with realistic meaning


The games I played in steam that moved me and made me nostalgic are two, one is Life Is Strange, the other is this Firewatch.
Campo Santo

In this adult-oriented story, the player feels helpless or uplifting, it is a matter of opinion. But I think the fact that they left the place where they escaped from the past is a symbol that seems to end plainly, but actually contains a glimmer of hope and warmth.

So, I would love to write something to remember the eleven weeks that Henry and Delilah spent without seeing each other and with each other day and night, just write down the feelings from the discovery of Ned's secret base there.

I calmly put the axe away and looked around Ned's secret quarters to learn all the truth.
Campo Santo

Similarly, I was in no hurry to leave the monitoring station that was surrounded by barbed wire and surrounded by mountains that seemed to be inhabited by brutal wilderness, and I stayed as long as I could to search for any useful evidence of the conspiracy. The difference is that at that time I was very frightened and anxious, and from time to time I poked out of the tent to watch for odd characters, and Delilah urged me to get out of there.

The difference was that this time there was a gradual silence on the other side of the intercom. My mind stirred with wisps of excitement and a little loss as I kept reporting to her about stolen materials, falsified reports, monitors, workstations, and such, and I expected her to respond enthusiastically.

But that's just what I thought.
Campo Santo

She finally opened her mouth. I'm sorry, I don't know what to say. I don't know what you want me to say.

I never suspected anything at the time, but now under the influence of alcohol, I can't help but think wildly: Is this all her doing? Why else would she be indifferent? This is the truth, the key to solving the crisis for both of us. Screw you. I cursed and push the tequila bottle aside. Maybe she was just too shocked, maybe she was experiencing grief and remorse, maybe she just instinctively wanted to avoid it all. Don't say she didn't have a motive, and I, I uh, I wanted to believe her. She's so nice.

Anyway, I was just staring at the wind chimes made of bones and knives and forks, letting them jingle randomly for a while, and then, then I was in the middle of an orange sky and earth.
Campo Santo

For eleven weeks, I have been watching and wandering in this forest, I am familiar with its breathing at the early sunset and the trembling of the dusk. Even without a map I can go anywhere I want to go, but now am I lost? The searing fires puffed up the gray smoke, riding the wind mixed with the molten gold of the setting sun, I pulled out the map and looked at it again and again, but always bewildered to go astray. Damn it, I don't want to die here like this.

I just wasn't expecting it, and Delilah decided to go ahead.

I knew the rescue helicopter shouldn't risk waiting until the people were all together before pulling them out, but it was clear to me, and it was clear to her, that it wasn't anyone else who insisted she leave, it was her. I stammered, what if they don't come back for me, what if, what if we miss something, about, uh, certain things, I don't know how to say it. But she was insistent, and I lowered my head slightly and licked my lips, Well, if you have to do that. There was a silence.

Actually, maybe I'm not worried about myself, I mean, in my place, I would have waited for you. I absolutely would.

I came to the emergency cable car that I inspected last time, but this time the cable car was on my side.

Delilah? I see the cable car.

--All right. I put away the intercom and hauled the cable car across with my bare hands.

The first time I came under her watchtower, I was dumbfounded.Finally. I lifted my legs and picked my way up the stairs, both happily and calmly. A familiar tower, a strange tower, just like her.

I twisted the doorknob and barged into her life.

So...This is her place.
Campo Santo

I stood at the door for about a minute or two, silently scrutinizing the full view of her hut, neat and tidy, quiet and peaceful, eager to learn everything about her, but not wanting to break that expectation too soon. Just like the moment before opening the package, the end of waiting, the sweet beginning, I thought to myself that this is the most satisfying moment in life.

Well, there was a pair of dark green slippers with a light green pebble-like embroidery on the box next to the door. I really don't know what to say about other people's slippers.

There was a pair of elk antlers nailed to the window, and one of them had a water bladder made of perhaps deer skin hanging from it. By this time, I should probably take it as my trophy.

The pure white dishes were stacked cleanly in a pile, and the cans of various colors were placed in the cabinet, although they were irrelevant, I couldn't help but look at them a few more times.

The red, white and gray sheets were comfortable to sit on, and there was a copy of Lucian's Strategy tossed on the bed. I picked it up and imagined her flipping through the book.

A white shirt signaling sovereignty hangs over the bed, probably the most vibrant thing in the house. Hey, what are you thinking, of course I didn't touch it.

Turning on the bedside lamp, although it was bright enough that I saw two crossword puzzles, aha, you are the accomplices of the last time she pretended to scare away the little raccoon in front of me, right?

Her little wooden table had been waiting for me for a long time. I walked over and saw a sign on top of the poster that said Pork Water Pond, ha, so she really liked the name.

I picked up the little blue glass and sniffed it, it smelled faintly of wine. Uh, not to spoil the integrity of the picture, I put it back and took a picture of the table scene.

On the plate lay two pieces of cut apples, the cut side had oxidized and darkened a bit, and I simply ate them. You can interpret it any way you like.

A bottle of tequila. Hmmmmm, which is more dangerous, the alcoholic fire watcher or the alcoholic arsonist? I put it with the whiskey I confiscated from the arsonist.

Hey... Look, she really did draw me, wearing the tux I told her about, but with shorts underneath. Bears, turtles, burning watchtowers, so cute.

Well, it's time. I put on the pair of headphones on the desk. Hey, Delilah.

We have made future choices for each other, which may not necessarily be realized properly, but who knows, maybe things will change wonderfully, even the forest will burn, and What makes people stay the same? When we're going to meet, we will.

Walking out of Delilah's cabin, about to go down the stairs, I suddenly found a small recliner with a binocular on it. Hey, this is where she sat, looking at me, talking to me... Those times were real. I pulled out my disposable camera, and with only two photo paper left, I took a picture of the recliner and its little binocular.

Then, holding up my camera, I finished the last photo while approaching the helicopter in the open space under the tower.

Dear Delilah, I had a feeling that you and I might not see each other. Perhaps, on the 64th night, when you said to me that we would one day sit together, drinking cold whiskey and doing something else, perhaps that was the best moment to wrap up the story. Maybe it doesn't matter if we meet again, as the back cover of "84 Charing Cross" says: "Twenty years have passed since we met, ten thousand miles have passed since we met. Thank you for spending one of the worst and best moments of my life with me.

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