Is Elden Ring overrated ?There are obvious shortcomings in the combat system


I find that many people do not allow others to accuse the Elden Ring.

Look at others to say a bad word about the Elden Ring is anxious, accusing others of being the legacy of the dark soul series. So let's take a good look at what's wrong with Elden Ring.
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1. From Software's boss battles have always been about seeing the moves, but almost all of the attacks in this work are impossible to Link. Slow attack swing is extremely long and then light speed knife, fast attack without warning shot no reaction time can only remember.
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2. The attack judgment far exceeds the character performance, first of all, the judgment frame is several times the previous game, some judgment frames are also far more than the invincibility frame of the roll. In the case of the golden law, for example, the decision to smash the ground will not end until the golden light disappears instead of disappearing after the smash. The second is that the judgment range exceeds the character's ability to maneuver, in human terms, your character is too late to run to the safety zone. There are also some moves that are unlikely to be dodged by a normal roll, typically the two-strike of the dagger of Doom, and the Valkyrie's waterbird dance. (I don't know what the Valkyrie is called)
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3. The game's difficulty boost is simple and brutal. The first is to read the button and unlimited attacks. Take the three sisters to the tower doorway of the Guan Dao spell knight, for example, he has the skill is to shoot a magic bullet, the second stage will become five. Take the three sisters' tower doorway of the guanxi spell knight, for example, he has the skill is to shoot a magic bullet, the second stage will become five. In the premise that I rolled perfectly every time, shot 17 rounds in a row, at least a boss how and dark soul two hippos a virtue. I close after playing defense counter, this time the boss even out of seven melees fast knife to force me back, can not see the so-called last move, almost all melee action can be coherent to change the move, action design is not for you to use so. Not to the boss to add a closing attack instead to the character melee added.
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The next is a high-intensity chase, to doom and Corelle's high lift storage for example, in the storage time you walk around him will find his attack in sucking you to move, the overall look like a handicap on the showcase in place to turn around.

4. There is a big problem with model determination, this will not be an example, the determination is greater than the model know how to understand.
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I admit that the performance effect is very good, the sense of great, but you can immediately experience the traditional way to fight the monster design is not careful enough, and even crude.

You have to say why do not use ashes or battle techniques or spells, the Elden Ring is not a dark souls sequel, you have to play with the old set of suffering blame who, then I can only say that my legacy is to like to see the moves of the fight, after seeing the legacy of the old fight video you do not click in on the end, you only deserve to see the video of stepping on the ice staff and Jiu Law staff such.

I want to see is to play a variety of genres blossom, you strengthen your main play is fine, but suppress other play even the most basic design is not well, I'm afraid it is not appropriate.

Although the combat system left me a little disappointed, the other elements can really do, the overall rating of 7.5.

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