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I think it’s my favorite Uncharted game of all time and even my top 10 favorite video games of all time. I give this bad boy a solid 9.5 out of 10. Now, there is some stuff I didn’t like, for example, I wished the ending would have been more bittersweet. But that’s just me.

So let’s go over what is amazing about this game:

1. Graphics

When you enter the game and just look at these graphics, you will be literally wowed. Look at how clear and clean the graphics look. These characters look like real people. The hair in the cutscenes actually looks like real human hair. I think even in 2021, this game had the best graphics I had ever played.

2. Characters

I played the Nathan Drake Collection, and then I finished Uncharted 4. I can honestly say that Nathan Drake is my favorite video game character of all time.

I love how he’s an everyday man who’s also a badass. But he’s a caring individual who is a wisecracker. Nathan Drake is a popular video game character because he’s a human. He likes hanging out with kids, he is very kind toward his allies, and even with his enemies, he tries to reason with them. I also liked Elena Fisher in this game. This game made me actually like Elena. I like how developed and close these two are, and I also like Sam Drake and Sully.

Finally, why I love this game is:

3. Gameplay

I think this gameplay was definitely polished, and not only are the graphics amazingly great, but the combat system is more fluid.

I like how, in this game, we get to use stealth to its fullest ability, and sometimes I would restart the game just to make sure I don’t get spotted. The combat is great, the guns are fun, and I love riding my jeep across the desert just looking at the gorgeous visuals. I also enjoyed the story, I liked how it didn’t end with a supernatural thing, but it just showed a simple story about two brothers trying to discover a pirate’s treasure while fighting off an evil mercenary.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this game. But I think you should play the Uncharted Drake Collection (a remaster of the PS3 version) to fully appreciate the uncharted saga.

I'll give this game, a 9.5 out of 10. Anyone would have fun with this.

Uncharted 1: 8.5/10

Uncharted 2: 9/10

Uncharted 3: 8 out of 10

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