What Christmas Gifts to Get for Gamers in This Holiday Season?



Hey there! As Christmas is coming, today, we're gonna take a look at the best gamer gifts. I've made my research, and this list reflects my personal opinions. And I've listed products based on quality, durability, price, and more. I've included options for every type of consumer. So if you're looking for an entry-level option or the best product money can buy, we may have the product for you on this list.

OK, without further ado, this is our pick of the best gamer's gifts on the market right now.


Gaming from sundown till sunup, gamers are definitely going to want to protect their eyes from all the harmful blue light. The Gunnar Intercept Blue-Blocking Glasses have a blue light blocking rating for each of their lenses. Only a casual gamer? The clear BLPF Blue Light Protection Factor 35 Glasses will be right for you. And for marathon gamers who play in the wee hours of the night, the pier frames with the Amber Max BLPF 98 Lenses, providing the ultimate protection for gamers. The frames come in dark, oak, indigo, and onyx, so they can match their style.


This may seem like the world's most boring gift you can give to someone. But for a Switch owner, this 400 GB Sandisk Ultra MicroSDXC Card might as well be gold. The Switch's 32 GB of internal storage doesn't go very far when the top games often take up 10 or 15 GB of space. And having one of these microSDXC cards sidesteps the tediousness of having to constantly delete and redownload games. Offering up one of these to a friend or family member who is a gamer will be the best gift you can offer them and ease their stress.


For the last three years, Nintendo Switch has been the most wanted gaming console around. According to gamers, it's just as popular as ever. We recommend buying this portable console for gamers of all ages, including beginners. Not only does it easily dock to your TV, but there are also lots of great new games on it. For those looking for something really versatile and social, it's a perfect device. For the fun, this is likely one of the best gifts many tween boys and girls would want to unwrap this year. If they already have one, they would be asking for gaming accessories, which will be making most of our list in this article. For Nintendo, the Switch has been out of stock for most of the year. So if you wanna get your hands on one, you should act fast.


This is the easiest, simplest, and most straightforward gift you can get for any gamer. If you buy them a gift card, they will be free to get whatever game or games they want on their own. Keep in mind that there are different platforms that they might be utilizing, so make sure you're buying a gift card on Amazon for the right one. If they primarily play games on a PC, then we recommend you get them a Steam Gift Card on Amazon. If they play games on PlayStation, get them a PlayStation Network PSN Gift Card. And if the platform is Xbox, then an Xbox Live Gift Card should be what you are looking for. And if the game they play is on a Nintendo console, for example, 3DS or the Switch, then remember to get them a Nintendo Eshop Gift Card. All these are from one marketplace, Amazon.


Every gamer loves a good keyboard, especially if it's a mechanical one. If whoever you are getting the gift for doesn't already have a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting, they are bound to appreciate either of the following keyboards: The first keyboard is produced by Red Dragon, a company known for its affordable yet surprisingly good gaming peripherals. It's not a brand as reputable as Razer, Logitech, or Corsair, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a better deal on a full-size mechanical keyboard that comes complete with RGB lighting; If you can and are willing to spend extra, there's always the Corsair K70 MK.2, which is essentially one of the best keyboards around. It features better lighting, high-quality keys, some extra multimedia control buttons, a convenient wrist rest, and all-around better build quality.

Has any of our picks given you an idea of what gifts to buy for your gamer? If you have other options for the best gamer gifts, please feel free to let us know in the comments. We will be looking forward to seeing them!

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