If You Are Trapped in a Video Game on Thanksgiving, What Could You Possibly Be Playing?


Well, I hope we won't be trapped on Thanksgiving, which is a crucial holiday for families to get together. But if we are, I hope I will be playing Minecraft.

Yes, there is a chance of death, but from my playing about, I could absolutely create myself a safe, well-lit space to pull a couple of cubic meters of gold with near-zero risk. Certainly less risk than walking through the bush in Australia, where I once lived, where I did so daily…

So, for every 9 gold ore I find in my well-lit mine that I only connect to other mines by corridors that are easily navigable at a sprint with doors at each end (so I can escape monsters who never move that fast) I earn myself about a billion. I’m not even sure I’d bother going for diamond. I’d go the extra and make myself a cool set of golden armor though. Maybe trade to the villagers for a few gems (they look big, probably worth a bit too).

At some point in filling my 64 stacks of gold (let's not be greedy, one stack is enough), I would also bring a few buckets of water, stacks of dirt, stacks of torches, and some of the Minecraft plants and animals.

Why? Because Minecraft dirt grows stuff super-fast and only requires water, which never runs out. The torches never run out and provide the kind of light for the Minecraft plants to grow. The animals also require no food beyond that used for breeding and multiply at alarming rates. They are only good for one steak or whatever each, but those are magic healing steaks and they double in number every hour (or whatever).

So as well as roughly $64b in gold and a cool suit of armor, I also have a low level but unlimited supply of wood and food, a limited supply of unlimited light, and a way to provide meat to a literally unlimited number of people.

Even if it was just what I could carry in my inventory (ie not the cows) I’d still be making bank by selling off my unending light, unlimited hydropower/clean water supply, and endless fast laying chickens (seriously, a free-range chicken farm can double in chicken count every 20–30 minutes and each one drops an egg every 5–10 minutes).

What game will you be trying to beat under such circumstances? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Haha, I am super excited to see your answers!

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