What Happens If "Cyberpunk 2077" Is Created by Rockstar Games?


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What??? For real, only female characters get to have a romantic relationship with Rudy?

Well, there may be a lot more details in the game:

1. Better vehicle details, tires, windshield, and even oil leaks. There will be a perfectly upgraded vehicle system from GTA.

2. NPC details: Lots of NPC random dialogues. NCPDs are more found in the area where Arasaka is located than slum areas.

3. There will be more Easter eggs, UFOs, and making out.

4. Killing pedestrians on the street can get back some money for you, of course the after-tax part.

5. Weather system.

6. Real Estate System.

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In terms of the new storyline, I think, it might be like this:

1. In the beginning, Silverhand rushed to Arasaka Company with a thermonuclear bomb, but was knocked over by a humanoid frame and shot to the head. Then suddenly, the screen went black. GTA logo was out. This section can be used for demonstration of real game scenes at E3.

2. Then the company guy ​​woke up in his own home and was called to the Arasaka company by his boss. Along the way, you will get familiar with the basic operations. When you arrive at the company, the boss entrusted you with a task of delivering goods. During the mission, a street kid suddenly robbed a truck. The company guy ​​was knocked out and the goods were taken away. The street boy, No.2 main character, appeared for the first time.

3. After waking up, you returned to the company where the boss scolded you, froze the money in your account, and asked you to recover the goods. In desperation, you can only ask Jackie for help, and Jackie took you to find Judy. Judy sneered at the identity of you being a company guy, but still helped you trace the goods, where were shipped to a gang in the suburbs by the street boy.

4. After a gun battle in the suburbs, you lost to the gang and was taken to meet a Nomad. He asked why you had to work for the company and took Jackie hostage. You were given a new task and had to go back to the Arasaka company to copy a confidential document, otherwise Jackie would have to die. This task is designed for the street kid to cooperate with you. The task went smoothly. You got the data after all.

5. After stealing the data, you returned to the suburban gang to find the Nomad, who worshipped the stolen goods like a god, making the company guy ​​quite puzzled. At this time, the agent of Arasaka Company suddenly appeared. It turned out that this was all set up by the company. And the stolen data was a Trojan. Using you as a bait to lead out the position of the Nomad and kill him was the plan all along. After the fight, the company guy, the Nomad, and the street kid became buddies. The three protagonists system is online. (At this stage, you can switch protagonists at will and unlock the special skills of each protagonist)

6. The company guy ​​is completely homeless and joined the Nomad gang. Since then, a lot of side tasks were unlocked. Then things were gradually unveiled. It turned out that Silverhand failed to break into the Arasaka company, and was later stripped of the consciousness and body by the Arasaka company. What was stolen back in the company was the consciousness data that was archived that year, and the Nomad gang were followers of Silverhand back then. They had to leave the city to live in the suburbs after the failure of Silverhand, who is their only faith. As the stolen data was fake last time, you had to bring back the real Johnny's consciousness.

7. You entered the Arasaka company again. This time, the three of you joined forces, and Judy would help. Finally, you fought all the way to the central database (Or sneak in. You should be able to choose to sneak in or attack directly when Judy was assigning tasks). At this moment, the hard disk used to store consciousness was damaged. You were forced to store it in your mind. Then, you had the opportunity to talk to Johnny and learned about Arasaka's filthy activities. Johnny was the first person to rebel against Arasaka.

8. After you came back, you had completely turned against the Arsaka company and decided to cut ties with it. Now, it is necessary to create a new body for Johnny Silverhand. You would take on various side tasks and meet a lot of middlemen. Finally, you finally got together the parts to build a Johnny v2.0.

9. Then in the final chapter, you intended to launch another attack against the Arasaka company. After killing all the way, you finally reached the end. Johnny insisted on blowing up the entire Arasaka building, but you had a disagreement with him. You felt that blowing up the Arasaka building would not solve the problem, and the sudden collapse of Arasaka would make the entire city more chaotic. Johnny yelled at you and confronted you with his gun. In this moment, you were faced with a choice, to kill Johnny or not, which was followed by different endings.

10. If you chose not to kill him, Johnny finally killed you. He would bomb the Arasaka building. After many years, Johnny became Arasaka again, and the young dragon slayer eventually became an evil dragon.

11. If you chose to kill him, everyone would betray and leave you. Even Judy left you.

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