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Meet Dr. Preeti Singh who believes every day is joyful and special and her life. Her motto is: “Live, Love, and Laugh”. She is an incredible author of 15+ books, an amazing professor of finance, now retired, and an avid academic professional. Dr. Preeti Singh was previously working at Delhi University, in private institutes, and in the Department of Business Studies and Management at Jesus Mary College. Dr. Preeti shares her experiences from the financial perspective as well as writes about her travels and life experiences in a beautiful and matter-of-fact way. Reading her articles and I have read hundreds of her articles she transports the reader into magical life experiences. She describes her stories with beauty and elegance. Dr. Preeti shares her travel experiences and joy for life in a way that the reader truly feels that they are sharing this experience with her. By reading her stories the reader feels like they are right beside her stepping into a beautiful garden or meeting a robot in the office for the first time.
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Dr. Preeti Singh is a well-known senior editor of the publication Dancing Elephants Press since the summer of 2022 and Illumination Integrated publications since December of 2020 on the Medium writing platform. Dr. Preeti is an experienced speaker and presenter, and her academic career took her all over the world to conferences from Europe to the United States to Australia, Canada, Thailand, and of course her home country India. She is currently a mentor and advisor for Young Mindz on skill building and she had been a researcher and published many research papers throughout her career. Dr, Preeti had worked also in the corporate world and had also been an Entrepreneur owning a boutique where she designed clothes.

I was fortunate to have met Dr. Preeti Singh in the summer of 2022 in California when she was visiting family in the United States. Dr. Preeti has a beautiful soul and she is an advocate for healthy life and nature. She is a great yoga practitioner who shares her love for yoga with others. Dr. Preeti also loves nature and the reader can find many wonderful and engaging articles from her about the beauty and joy that nature brings into our lives.
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I enjoyed taking walks with Dr. Preeti, visiting museums and gardens, drinking tea and coffee together, and getting to know her. There have been multiple articles published by Dr. Preeti and myself about our time together in California. Interested readers can find those articles on the Medium platform.

You can find Dr. Preeti Singh’s most recent book Holistic Journey Toward Wellness which was written together with a collaboration of 21 writers from Medium on many platforms that publish books.

I would like to invite the reader to get to know Dr. Preeti more on the Medium platform where she writes blogs about her adventures, nature, and anything joyful in life. Her Medium profile is

You can also find her on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram or reach her by e-mail at


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