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Chocolate and hot cocoa are wonderful traditions for the winter months and throughout the holiday season. It is well known that small amounts of dark chocolate are good for your body. Raw cocoa is full of wonderful antioxidants, can assist with the prevention of chronic diseases, have the potential to reduce oxidative stress in our bodies, and reduce inflammation that provides valuable benefits for our bodies (Jaramillo, 2019).

THAT Chocolate is a brand of chocolate and hot cocoa created by Maren Muter. Maren is a master in the kitchen and also in metaphysics. Maren makes raw chocolate and hot cocoa from raw cocoa beans that are hand-ground and made into beautifully flavored powder for hot cocoa and hand-made chocolate bits. Maren uses the most unique beans available to create a flavorful blend of hot cocoa and THAT chocolate.

THAT Chocolate is not something you will find at any store. It is a chocolate made with love, a sprinkle of the wind, and the scents lingering in the air when Maren made her batch. If you are lucky she made some recently and placed, them in her trading post store for others to buy. I was fortunate enough to receive some chocolate as a gift from Maren before and I ordered some as a treat for the Holidays recently.
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I received my order very quickly, all in sustainable packaging using recycled or paper materials. The chocolate pieces were packaged in little boxes with paper around them and sealed. You feel like you are opening a little treasure box and anxious to see what it will hold inside for you. Each piece of chocolate is made with love and care. You feel this as you open the carefully packaged little boxes and try a piece of THAT chocolate.
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I am currently drinking Opening Spell Enchanted Hot Chocolate as I write this article. The hot chocolate opens your senses and feels your mind and heart with a cozy home feeling. I ordered the hot cocoa that comes with a dried wild raspberry flavor. I received little flavor packets next to the cocoa powder. The wild raspberry has a wonderful taste, each sip feels like you just picked fresh berries and added them to your cocoa drink.
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In Maren’s store/ trading post you will find her books, including a lovely little book about the story of the cocoa, her opening spell enchanted travelers hot chocolate, and her THAT chocolate.

Maren describes THAT chocolate is “Simply Chocolate... Jagged pieces broken off the block... Allow the cocoa to open your soul and connect to the world unseen... taste, savor, share”.

What you need to know about the enchanted travelers hot chocolate is best described by Maren: “Traveler's Chocolate makes the smoothest, richest and most decedent hand ground hot chocolate! We work with our friends in Ecuador, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Ghana Africa to hand-pick the rarest and most flavorful cocoa beans available at each harvest. We blend and grind the cocoa by hand which results in a flavor profile that is ultimately complex and satisfying. Prepare yourself to succumb to the experience.”

The opening spell travelers hot chocolate comes in multiple flavors that will bring your taste buds into an elevated sensation. The lovely flavors come in a separate little sachet attached to the hot cocoa so you can add as little or as much as you like to your beverage. Flavors available include wild raspberry, peppermint, roasted hazelnuts, vanilla beans from Madagascar, a mix blend of chili peppers, and meadow-grown lavender.

Highly recommend Maren’s books, enchanted travelers hot chocolate, and THAT chocolate.

To contact Maren, you can e-mail her at

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Maren’s store

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Jaramillo Flores M. E. (2019). Cocoa Flavanols: Natural Agents with Attenuating Effects on Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors. Nutrients, 11(4), 751.

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