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Osaka Restaurant Offers Japanese Cuisine in Destin, Florida

Gabriella Korosi
Hibachi meal at Osaka restaurant in Destin, FloridaPhoto byGabriella Korosi

Recently visiting Florida, I was able to dine at the Japanese Osaka Hibachi Restaurant and Steakhouse and have a wonderful Hibachi meal for dinner for the first time. The restaurant is located in Destin, Florida with easy access and parking. The restaurant is family owned and is located in three different places in Florida. Before you enter the restaurant immediately the surrounding garden and water features grab your attention. There is a feeling that this space is welcoming, thoroughly cared for, and maintained well. My first impression was very positive.
Hallway to the dining area at Osaka restaurant in Destin, Florida.Photo byGabriella Korosi

Walking into the restaurant you will find a spacious entryway with wonderful decorations. Continuing your journey as you walk down the hall into the restaurant. You will feel transported into another culture. Stepping into Japan without being in Japan. You walk amongst beautiful statues, wall decorations, clothing, and Japanese dolls and items displayed in glass cabinets. It is a truly beautifully designed space.

First, we had to let the hostess know what type of meal we come to eat. This was needed so we are seated properly in the restaurant. Once it was established that we were there to eat Hibachi, after a short wait we were escorted to our seats. Promptly we received our menus and placed our orders.
Soup and salad to start our meal at Osaka restaurant in Destin, FloridaPhoto byGabriella Korosi

The meal started with soup and salad which was part of the dinner deal. Both were delicious. We also ordered some edamame beans to start with. A perfect appetizer.

In a few minutes, our Chef appeared. I asked him if it would be all right if I recorded him as he prepared our meal. He agreed. Our meal was prepared by Chef Sam. He was skilled in his cooking as well as in entertaining. He was throwing eggs on a spatula and up in the air just to have it lend in his hat before being cracked open, cooked, and becoming part of the fried rice we ate later.

The meal was prepared with precision with perfect timing of what needed to be cooked next. While cooking Chef Sam asked us questions and kept us entertained with different magic events. Before the cooking even started there was a flame to start the process to sanitize the surface of the hot cooking plate.

Our meal consisted of rice and pasta with different vegetables and your choice of meat or fish. It was wonderful to see everything freshly cooked in front of our eyes. I decided on the salmon menu, and it turned out to be a wonderful and delicious meal. The meal was large enough that we all took to-go boxes and had a second meal the next day.
Hibachi meal at Osaka restaurant in Destin, FloridaPhoto byGabriella Korosi

Chef Sam had more in store for you when it came to entertainment. He made an onion volcano that burst into flames and extinguished with a water-peeing toy figure. He made us laugh multiple times. When our meal was served Chef Sam had a final act for us. He was throwing shrimp at us, and we were supposed to catch them with our mouths. Mine landed in my hair. It was still fun.

The overall experience was delightful and fun. The price of a Hibachi meal is higher than a regular meal. What you get is worth the price coupled with entertainment and enough food for a second meal.

If you visit Florida, I highly recommend visiting one of the Osaka restaurants for a delightful Hibachi meal.

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