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Bingz HuangBingz Huang

Bingz Huang is the author of multiple books, she is a healer, a gentleness ambassador, a writer on the Medium platform, a dancer, and a wonderful mother of three young boys. Bingz Huang published her book My Blue Lotus and Me: A gentle dance with my Higher Self (Practicing Gentleness) most recently.

The book shares Bingz's story of dancing, her journey interwoven with kindness and love. In her book, Bingz wrote: "Through many magical synchronicities I regained the courage and focus to keep dancing more especially in the past two years. Dance has become almost a daily practice for me. "

I had watched Bingz dance on her YouTube channel. Bingz has beautiful, gently flowing movements that are very inspiring and encouraging for others to stand up and dance with her. Bingz writes about what dancing means to her on the Medium Platform. Bingz has a collection of 30 stories about dance that you can enjoy reading. Dance is my World

Bingz wrote two previous books including Empower Your Life with Gentleness: A Simple Guide to Feeling Safe and Free to be You (Practicing Gentleness). In her book, she writes about healing and lessons in life that brought her toward gentleness. Bingz addresses healing through the power of gentleness:

"You can experience, gentle, non-dramatic healing and still experience shifts in your life" and

" You will find that certain limiting beliefs and behaviors of others that used to trigger you just don't bother you anymore. "

It is a beautiful way to look at the world and provide healing. A few days ago I had a healing session with Bingz and she used the Wonder method to focus on healing my heart. It was a wonderful experience with gentle energy healing where I felt in a kind loving space, felt warmth and tingling in my body, and felt heaviness and sadness lifting from my heart. The sadness from my heart was replaced with kindness and flowers growing. I am grateful that Bingz shared her gentle healing method with me. You can book a healing session with Bingz on her site Bingz Healing Light Bingz Healing Light

You can read more about Bingz's energy healing on her website Bingz Huang Healer

Another book by Bingz Huang is From the Womb of Gentleness

In her book, Bingz has a poetry collection with wonderful illustrations.
Bingz Huang's BooksBingz Huang

I had the fortunate experience to meet Bingz Huang on the Medium writing platform about a year ago. Bingz is a writer in my publication Dancing Elephants Press. We also had a zoom interview together that you can watch on YouTube. Interview with Bingz Huang

Bingz Huang also has her publication on the Medium platform called Gentleness Ambassadors. Bingz has a special calling for November encouraging people to write about co-creating gentleness in her writing prompt Co-create our return to gentleness

In her article, she writes: "I need the medicine of Gentleness. Gentleness in the form of empathy, compassion, softness, tenderness, joy, and strength inspires us to keep co-creating what we want in our shared reality."

Bingz's Publication of Gentleness Ambassadors can be found on Medium here Gentleness Ambassadors

I am looking forward to working together more in the future with Bingz Huang, enjoying her writing, and learning gentle healing techniques from her. I am grateful for her kindness and for sharing her gift of gentleness with the world.

You can find Bingz Huang's books on Amazon Amazon Books

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