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Adrien BlackwellAdrien Blackwell

Adrien Blackwell is a miracle worker, healer, and celebrity healer!

Adrien tells me it is all about getting into people's space and figuring out how to help them based on what you see psychically and then that transforms into becoming a healer witnessing miracles. This is how the series, Making Miracles Happen, was born. She started the show two years ago as of December 2020.

The first time I saw the miracle series was last year a year after it originally started, and it was amazing. It was also a lot of fun. I told Adrien that and we both laughed about it, and she thanked me for watching it as well. Currently as we speak Adrien is running on the October miracle special for the fall, I watched a few of the episodes and it was amazing as well to see all these healers as they shared their stories and their experiences.

Adrien shared with me a bit about the current stories and how they came about.

Adrien: Autumn is all about changes, it is so nice to get cozy with the fireplace burning, with a cup of hot cocoa in hand, take a class, listen to the podcast, doing something that just feeds my brain. When I think about autumn, that's the energy I go into. When I record my speakers, I ask them questions that people can benefit from. I asked them about tips and tricks on how they can make their miracles happen.

I get to learn about the speaker that came out on her preview day. She had things that people could implement the same day to start creating money to begin changing the energy in their house to bring in Love. It was amazing because I had identified some of the things, she was saying things that had changed in my life before things started to manifest. I thought this is great for people to be able to start to implement immediately to change their life and witness miracles. That was the very first interview and soon there will be a re-play. So, people can catch that interview again. The series is 12 days altogether with 25 people sharing their experiences.

Adrien: I love to find out people’s stories. It is what I love about interviewing people. On day one Shannon Leischner, was a guest on the series and I have known her for about 14 years. I've known this woman for years; I've interviewed her before and I am a part of her story, yet hearing it was like hearing it for the first time. I couldn't remember a lot of the things she was telling me as I had channeled a lot of it. She reminded me that when I met up with her, I said to her "So, when are you going to die?" She responded, "I've just been given a year to live." Because of our conversation and my channeling, she started living her purpose and that ended up saving her life. I remember me saying certain things. I remember our meeting up. I remember my guides telling me we have to meet but to hear that story and hear how miraculous it was and to hear it all over again, to get the details of what she went through and how it healed her life is one of the most miraculous things I ever heard.

For people who are at home and they're suffering and maybe they have been given a certain amount of time to survive, maybe this will inspire them, maybe this will create spontaneous healing. I don't know what miracle people will receive from listening to this, but I do know that people have received miracles. That is what it's all about, that's what you need, that's what you're gonna get from it.

Adrien told me she remembers very little of it because she was channeling and when you channel you don't remember much. Channeling means someone else is speaking through you.

Adrien: My ex-boyfriend had passed away about a year previously and he was the one that came through. He wanted to talk to her and had messages for her that ultimately shifted her life. I was a participant in her healing process because I was willing to show up, I was willing to allow spirit to speak through me, however, the real Healing came from the spiritual world and Shannon, who is now a celebrity healers as well, listened to what spirit had to say. Now it is 12 years later and she's still alive!

I asked Adrien how this past year has been for her. Adrien had a lot of traumatic events this past year: her sister passed away and her favorite dog died. She also ended up getting very sick and she was telling herself well sometimes things happen in threes, it is what the flow of life now that this is done now it's time to transform her energy and start the healing process from what happened from the first six months of this year. Adrien feels that working with the speakers and recording the speakers have made the year and the healing process easier for her. It's human nature to want to connect with people, talk to people and share your story. It helps the healing process. One of the speakers that she talked to had recently lost her mom.

Adrien feels that the series is a benefit in more than one way, including the human connection that you receive from just talking with people and hearing their stories. She also feels that as humans we can get through anything as long as we are there to support each other we can get through it together. I think this is a beautiful message to convey to everyone to provide support and care for each other and to help us get through whatever difficulties we face in life.

We discuss how important it is to thrive in a community around you and how loneliness can create difficulties in our life. Adrien feels thankful for our families and tells me that it would be very difficult to survive without our families and friendships and the community around us. We both agree that we would not survive very long without the supportive community that we have.

I asked Adrien about the Christmas special that's coming up she tells me that will be starting on December 1st, she's planning to do the 12 days of Christmas and was telling me about the first time she started the series, she did 25 days with having one speaker each day and at that time there are so many people showed up because there was isolation and people could not leave their house at that time travel was not allowed especially if you had to go outside of the country. Adrien felt that a lot of people were alone, and the series helped people not feel so isolated, it was a very beautiful time. This year now is different because people are going home, things are getting back to normal, people might not want to sit in front of their computers and listen to interviews but she's hoping it might still be a great way to start the holidays.

The interviews are recorded so people could go and listen to them later as well. The way to register for the series is to go to All you need to do is sign up to be notified and then Adrien will send information about when the special is coming out next, she does these interviews for about eight months out of the year with four separate specials.

I wondered how the series has been affecting her and how it had transformed her life listening to all these healers and miracles. She told me that it transformed her life completely. She had studied for a long time learning 13 different modalities of healing and being in her own world of teaching and healing people. For a while she felt that she was separate from everyone else. Now that most of her studies are over and she's moved to teaching energy healing work, it's nice to sit back and hear other stories on how they came to find their own healing abilities.

Adrien: I think of currents, of electrical currents that follow the path of least resistance and when we think about it, we are that electrical current. We naturally want to follow the path of least resistance but because we can make our own decisions, we listen to what we learned, which is to be productive, be productive, be productive, work, work hard, do more work to have value. We get programmed to stay away from the least resistance because if it is easy now you can be labeled lazy. A speaker she interviewed shared changing this belief permits us to go back to the natural way of being which is just enjoying life and creating a life that is what we desire.

We discuss an example that Adrien gave during an interview about her daughter and communication and how important it is to tell our children exactly what we want from them and they need to share with us exactly what they need from us, because then they understand instead of driving us crazy. She shared with the viewers how she did this to get instant results from her daughter and both were happier for it. It is a really fun and insightful story and I highly recommend listening to it in her interview. Adrien and I, talk about the importance of communication as we cannot read each other’s minds. She also tells me that she thinks most people do not realize what communication is.

Adrien: Everything is a form of communication, what we wear, what we put in our home, our body language, and facial expression. What are we putting out there? How are we communicating to other people? Sometimes we expect that a silent form of communication is enough, and we are afraid to communicate verbally. I think the more we talk about communication the better people's lives get. Relationships are communication. You do not have a relationship if you are not communicating with someone. The basis of all happiness is learning how to communicate.

I asked Adrien if there was anything else that she wanted to share with people who read this article.

Adrien: In my very first season in one of my interviews a speaker shared, there are people who believe that miracles are outside of ourselves. Like when we think about religion, people ask God for a miracle, we pray, and we hope that we get a miracle one day that one day! We would ask out of desperation for this miracle. What we've learned in this day-in-age is that miracles come from us, and it comes from our willingness to see that we are either experiencing a miracle or to be able to realize that we just created one. It puts the power back in our hands, not to just wait for something, or someone.

We no longer have to sit in pain and suffer, we get to be participants in our own lives. That is really where the series comes from, to have the platform to say that you have the power to create this. You were given the power to create miracles the day you were born, it is your birthright. Now it is just time to own that and make that a part of your everyday life.

Simply Beautiful.
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