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Cannon Beach Health Advisory: Fecal Contamination

Gabriella Korosi
Cannon BeachGabriella Korosi

Yesterday 10/27/2022 the Oregon Health Authority issued a public warning to avoid the Cannon Beach and Tolovana State Park ocean waters because of the unsafe levels of bacteria in the water. The cause of bacteria in the water could come from many different sources including sewer overflow, the failure of a septic system, stormwater runoff, or from livestock, pets, or other wildlife.

It is important to stay away from the water especially after rain storms when it is a higher likelihood that the bacteria is more increased in the ocean. The advisory is currently in effect. If you're traveling to the Cannon Beach area check the advisory before getting into the water.

The water quality is monitored by the OBMP - Oregon Beach Monitoring Program. OBMP issues the beach advisories for the Oregon coast. A previous beach advisory was in September for a Short stand and Rockaway beaches. The health advisory was similar to this one when the waters were unsafe because of higher levels of fecal content.

Health symptoms that could be caused by unsafe waters include: diarrhea, stomach issues like stomach cramps, skin rashes, respiratory problems like upper respiratory infections, and other ailments. People who are immunocompromised and are on any type of immunosuppressant medication, children and the elderly would need to use extra caution to prevent any health complications.

The warning also extends to additional waterways that are close to the ocean and the advisory points our attention to check out discolored water and make sure not to touch it playing it. Generally, after any storm, it is good to avoid swimming in the ocean for at least two days about 48 hours.

The water is tested regularly, the public will be notified when the advisory is lifted, and it is safe to get into the ocean again.

As the weather is cooler now it is less likely that people get into the water, but with children often touching the water and people picking up different items around the beach it is important to be careful and not to touch our eyes and mouths to prevent infection and further health complications.
Sand Dollar on the BeachGabriella Korosi

More resources are available from the Oregon health authority websites listed below.

Be safe when you play out by the ocean until the health advisory is cleared.

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