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Maren Muter is a wonderful metaphysician with many amazing talents. Maren hosts fireside chats, she talks about ghost stories, she has consultations and amazing classes that you can participate in. I participated in many of Maren's classes and fireside chats and loved them all. Each of her chats is unique and fun. She is open to questions and tells you how things are in the most kind, honest and straight forward matter. Maren has an amazing background that I wrote about before in a previous article on Newsbreak.

Today would like to tell you about an amazing and fun activity that's coming up at the end of this month. Maren always comes up with wonderfully creative ideas and when I heard this one, I could not stop laughing and I knew immediately that I wanted to participate. I applied and received my invitation. Here we go. Have you ever been in court? Now let's take it a step further. Have you ever been in court with a ghost?

Are you ready for some October fun? Join Maren Muter in her Ghost Court on October 30th for some great debate with multiple ghosts and nightly creatures. The activities will include a very serious trial with plaintiffs and defendants. You can sign up to get a story to be either a plaintiff or a defendant and you could be either sued or sue a ghost for something you have done that was unjust. At least they think it was unjust. You will receive the base story from Maren then you get to make up the reasons why you have acted the way you did and justify your decisions. You also get to make up the history of your character.

The Ghost Court will be taking place over a Zoom meeting and the cases are going to be settled right there and then. No additional appeals will be made. If you want to participate as a plaintiff or a defendant in this fun activity you can send an e-mail to Maren at

The Ghost Court will take place at 5:31 pm PST/ 8:31 pm Eastern time on October 30th.

Maren also makes some wonderful chocolate which she sprinkles with love and kindness. You can order some of her chocolate on her trade post just in time for court. You will find her books available there as well.

Visit Maren Muter at her website and find out about all the amazing things she does and check out her previous and current work

Previous Newsbreak article about Maren and her books can be found here Newsbreak article on Maren Muter.

I hope you enjoyed this ghostly story and will participate in this fun event. I hope you have enjoyed this article by Dr. Gabriella Kőrösi. Please subscribe to my stories and Newsbreak below. Learn more about my work on my website

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