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DR RawsonDR Rawson

DR Rawson is a Vietnam Veteran. He served in the war after explicitly asking to go to war like his father and grandfather and his great grandfather did. He wanted to uphold the family name and values. DR wants to make sure that the name he leaves behind for his six children and fifteen grandchildren is something they can be proud of. He started to write books to tell his life story for his family. DR is not a doctor although many people misunderstand that and call him a doctor anyway. DR is his name. The name comes from a family tradition his father and grandfather had shortened names that look like initials as well. He is a proud American and you can see that immediately on our video chat with the American flag displayed on his back wall. DR owned many organizations throughout his life and also supported veterans, people dealing with homelessness, and children needing heart surgeries.
DR Rawson at age 19DR Rawson

I met DR Rawson through the Medium platform for writers and readers. He was talking about a book that he wrote, and I wanted to know more. We exchanged a few e-mail conversations and he revealed he would like to talk to me about his new book Carlo Chappman and why he wrote it.

DR talks about his books “The book Carlo Chappman is a 115-page book, intended to provide the Latino community with a fictional hero.” He felt it was important to create a hero from the Latino community. DR tells me during our interview that he met a person like Carlo Chappman in his life. The book brings hope that if Carlo was able to achieve what he achieved anyone can do the same.

DR’s last book UnLikely was a bit smaller. Unlikely includes a collection of stories about DR, his work, his family, and his spirituality. Over the years, people would hear his stories and say, "You should put that in a book." Now he did. DR shared some of his stories with me during our video recording and they are amazing and very unlikely stories that happened to him. His life experiences bring very unique expertise to tell these stories from all over the world. While Unlikely covers his personal stories his new book Carlo Chapman is a fictional book laced with some of his experiences hinted at in the book’s pages.

DR has traveled to many countries throughout his life. He is someone you would call a world traveler. He told me about a time when he traveled on three airplanes each of them smaller and smaller in size and then a boat on a river to go and correct a problem that he was able to fix the same day to head back on the boat and all the three plains to arrive to his original starting point by the next morning. Some of DR’s accomplishments include working with Dr. Steven Shetti in Bangalore, India, to provide heart surgeries for children. The surgeries were fully paid for the children with 30 days of room and board for the parents and the patient. The children would get the surgeries and stay for rehabilitation as well. When DR was telling me this story, I could not help tears coming to my eyes. DR also worked on other projects that involved the medical field including securing free time on the Indian Satellite to provide medical care in Africa. Doctors are willing to do Telemedicine to provide care for Africans that can't reach a medical facility. He worked on a project to build buildings that would have Internet access with a 55" TV for medical exams. This project is described in more detail in the book Carlo Chappman.

DR also worked with supporting the less fortunate by funding a company that provided bed rolls for the homeless on the east coast. He told me about how the east coast is very cold, and the specific fiber mattress provided was able to keep the people warm even if the ground was freezing. Again, tears come to my eyes thinking about people freezing on the street. I am very grateful for people like DR who take a step ahead and help others. DR also spent a few years working with Pizza Hut to provide bread rolls from the leftover rolls for the homeless and children in Las Vegas.

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