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Hazy Sunrise for the Pacific Coastal area: Red Flag Alerts – Fire Prevention

Gabriella Korosi
Astoria, Oregon, Poor air quality - Hazy Sunrise 9/10/2022Gabriella Korosi

Hazy Sunrise for the Pacific Coastal area: Red Flag Alerts – Fire Prevention

Starting yesterday on 9/9/2022 alerts pooped up in every outlet possible for high Eastern winds and potential fires spreading. Alerts came through cell phone texts, e-mails, news outlets, and social media like Next Door. Additional alerts come from the State and Local County Government, and the NW U.S. Forest Service about Extreme Fire danger for the Oregon Coast. The cause for the alert is increased Eastern winds. There was a prediction from the NW U.S. Forest Service that smoke will bow into the area, and they were right. The smoke started to accumulate yesterday afternoon on the Oregon Coast. Driving into Astoria yesterday the Washington side across the Columbia river was barely visible and Warrenton was also barely visible from Astoria because of the smoke.
Morning air toward Washington state from Oregon 9/10/2022Gabriella Korosi

This morning the same visibility and gentle smoke smell are in the air. The sunrise was very hazy compared to yesterday morning. Currently, multiple fires are burning through California, Washington, and Oregon at this time. It is important to be on high alert and prevent any future fires from starting warns the U.S. Forest Service. All burning of any kind even in burn pits, barrels, and small cooking fires is prohibited at this time.

Current Fires in Oregon:

Central Oregon Cedar Creek Fire is currently 12% contained with over 51,000 acres burned

Northeast Oregon Double Creek Fire 15% contained and burned area is over 147,000 acres, Sturgill Fire is 0% contained and over 18,000 acres burned, and Nebo Fire is 0% contained and over 11,000 acres burned.

Southwest Oregon Rum Creek Fire is 46% contained, with over 21,000 acres affected at this time.

When smoke levels are high people are affected including breathing difficulties, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, headaches, and eye, nose, and throat irritation. It is important to be prepared.

People who are at higher risk: pregnant and nursing women, people with asthma, the elderly, people with respiratory conditions, and people who are immunocompromised.

Tips from the NW forest service:

- Drink plenty of water

- Close windows and doors

- Stay Indoors when possible

- Use fans indoors if you can

- Don’t burn candles – adds to air pollution

- Don’t vacuum – adds to air pollution

- Set air conditioners to recirculate

- Use air filters and purifiers if you can

- If you have to drive pay close attention to your surroundings – turn headlights on – keep windows closed and turn the air conditioning on to recirculate

- If you can avoid driving

- Avoid smoking indoors

- Contact a health care professional if you have increased difficulties breathing because of the smoke.

- If you have to be outside wear a respirator

- If you can, leave the area where there is thick smoke

- Check local air quality reports

- Listen to news updates for your area

Here is a resource video from the NW Forest Service about what to do when the conditions are smoky:

Gabriella’s website

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Oregon Smoke Outlooks

Washington Smoke Information

US Forest Service

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