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Introducing North Fork 53 Commuitytea

Gabriella Korosi
Ginger in her North Fork tea shopGabriella Korosi

Introducing North Fork 53 Commuitytea

I had the opportunity this weekend to visit North Fork 53 and learn about the different types of teas the farm produces. Our drive was one and a half hours to get to the farm and every minute was worth it on the windy road as we approached Nehalem, Oregon. I have met one of the owners Ginger, who shared with us how she started the tea company. We had a lovely walk around in the tea garden on our and tasted wonderfully designed delicious teas.
Heart of Gold teaGabriella Korosi

The tea tasting tour started with people sitting around a table and trying the Heart of Gold tea which is the most requested explained Ginger because of its wonderful calming qualities.

The Heart of Gold tea includes leaves from the Hawthorne tree, rose petals, tulsi, or holy basil. The tea is gentle and tastes wonderfully smooth and calming. Surrounding the table people shared where they come from and why they are interested in tea. Many people were coffee drinkers who came just because of their partner who loved tea. Others came because the tea garden tour sparked their interest.

Multiple teas were placed around the garden as we walked around and Ginger pointed out different plants, and their uses and encouraged us to smell, taste, and touch the plants. As we stepped into the garden that was just right across from the tea shop Ginger started by asking us to take a moment and ground ourselves to the present moment and place as everyone was driving long distances to get to the garden. Her voice was calm and kind and brought us to the moment to enjoy the garden.
Fennel in North Fork 53 gardenGabriella Korosi

The garden had beautiful fennel stacks, multiple varieties of roses, calendula, and tea plants for white, green, and black tea. It is the same plant Ginger explained where all the teas come from, the difference is in the process of harvesting and roasting the tea leaves. I learned that you only pick the new leaves and only the first and the second leaves from the plant.
Tea plants in North Fork 53 gardenGabriella Korosi

Ginger was full of information, and I could feel the love and passion throughout her voice as we walked through the garden and tried a wonderful black tea. Once we made it through the lower tea garden, we walked up to the memorial tea garden that was planted in memory of the previous owner of the property who was a wonderful artist and died of cancer before the property was purchased.

This garden was full of flowers and herbs that can be used for tea, and we tried two different kinds of gentle healing teas that tasted wonderful. We learned more about plants and their uses. We listened to Ginger’s stories, touched and tried different herbs, and enjoyed the light mist surrounding us.
Teas in the North Fork 53 gardenGabriella Korosi

The new tea company offers about 30 different teas and as you drink the tea you can feel the love and compassion that filled each cup. Please visit North Fork 53 website, book a tour or check out their tea collection.
North Fork 53 tea collectionGabriella Korosi

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North Fork also offers concerts, wellness retreats, and massages.


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