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Cannon Beach Medical Reserve Corps Needs Your Help

Gabriella Korosi
Cannon Beach Medical Reserve Corps Members from right Kathy Bell, Gabriella Korosi, Bob Wayne, Nancy Kroll, Lila Wickham, Lianne ThompsonCannon Beach Medical Reserve Corps

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a volunteer organization providing national, state, and local community support. The purpose of the Medical Reserve Corps is to be there in case of an emergency and provide medical help for the local community. MRC members can also be deployed statewide and nationally as needed in case of an emergency. Medical Reserve Corps members in Oregon are also part of the Oregon State of Emergency Registry of State Volunteers also known as SERV-OR.

Medical reserve corps members include nurses, doctors, emergency medical technicians, pharmacists, dentists, behavioral health providers, and other support members that can respond to local, state, and federal emergencies. Regular training for emergency situations occurs at local, regional, and state levels.

I would like to introduce Lila Wickham who is the Nurse leader for the Cannon Beach Medical reserve corps. Lila is a retired registered nurse with expensive experience in emergency management and public health. Lila Describes the Cannon Beach Medical Reserve Corps (CBMRC) function:

“The City of Cannon Beach is working to protect the health and safety of our com­munity by developing and maintaining a pool of voluntary healthcare professionals trained and ready to re­spond during an emergency. The City of Cannon Beach has sponsored a Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) to provide for our community's medical and psychological needs in the event that we're isolated by a disaster. Medical Reserve Corps are used throughout the state and the nation to augment resources in disasters like prolonged power outages, flooding or a Cascadia event.”

Cannon Beach (CB) is a small town in Clatsop County, Oregon with no local hospital. Cannon Beach can be easily isolated in a disaster or emergency. Creating the Medical Reserve Corps was a way to have a plan to support local needs in case of an emergency.

Additionally, to local support the CBMRC members had been helping out Clatsop County Public health during the COVID, -19 Pandemic surges with immunization support and contact tracing.

“We will only respond if we are activated by the city or state, and after the needs of our families are met. We will have multiple trainings throughout the year to increase our knowledge of disaster preparedness and each other.” - Lila Wickham

The goals of the Cannon Beach Medical Reserve Corps are to promote community resiliency and provide emergency health-related services.

What can you do to help:

Currently, the Cannon Beach Medical Reserve Corps are specifically looking for a pharmacist and a dentist to join our team. – Lila Wickham

If you are interested to sign up and participate, please contact Lila at

To be an Oregon State volunteer you can register at



Resources to the article provided by Lila Wickham MRC Nurse leader in Cannon Beach Medical Reserve Corps

Disclaimer: The author of this story Dr. Gabriella Korosi is a member of cannon Beach Medical reserve Cops and SERV-OR.

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