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Introducing Maren Muter is my pleasure and honor. Maren is a kindhearted soul. Maren radiates positivity, profound knowledge, and joy. I have first heard about Maren in an interview with Regina Meredith on the Gaia channel and from Regina’s website. Regina describes Maren

“Authentic and so incredibly beautiful from the inside and out”

Regina’s description is correct. Knowing and listening to Maren, attending her classes and Fireside chats have been a privilege. Maren has a wonderful background as a metaphysician. Maren has many wonderful talents from making chocolate to teaching stretching, healthy living, discussing life beyond the veil, teaching us about personal mediumship, and showing us how we can hear plants sing. If you are fortunate Maren gifts you herself made cocoa and chocolate filled with love that is out of this world.

Maren in the past few years had been writing books and all her published books tell a wonderful story. Maren writes her books under the name Maren Meandering. You can find Maren’s books on Amazon.

Maren in her book the “The Story of Cacao” writes about the cocoa bean, how it becomes part of our world with all the magic and power surrounding the plant and the beans. Maren has a personal connection to chocolate that roots back to her father and the first time she tasted chocolate. The tiny book tells the story that brings home the ultimate feelings of love.

In the Story of Cacao Maren writes

“They watched the animals savor the tastes and joined in. It opened their palate with a sweet and sour sensation. It filled their hearts” p.19

Maren’s books open the mind to all possibilities. The books are timeless. Reading them one time and space opens like a small crack on the window. Reading them multiple times starts to open the door. The door to a different world where we are all one. It is the most beautiful view of life.

Maren’s book of “A Book of Buried Letters” is a story from the past, present, and future written by her originating from letters buried in jar glasses she wrote and hid in various places in her childhood home and the woods around the home from age 4 to 17. The book is magical. It tells stories from past life, future science, curiosity, love, hope, and a great connection between everything as we know it. Maren writes about the Humm of the universe, frequencies, and how to connect to these frequencies to go into the frequencies.

In her book, Maren writes to the “Flower Lady”. She is part of her past life. The letters speak to the heart. They are naturally explaining the world through Maren’s eyes. She asks questions, offers wisdom, and writes things the way they are. Even as a young child Maren had insights like no other. She wrote about genetics, diseases, forest life. Her words sing truth and poetry.

In a letter to the “Sunshine” Maren wrote:

“Above the cloud, you shine so bright, Leaving only a glimpse of light” p.79

Reading Maren’s work is stepping into her life, her shoes, her understanding of everything around us. The reader becomes part of the world seen through the eyes of a child with openness and love. Maren writes about life’s complexity with a simple matter-of-fact understanding.

Another snippet from the book:

“Solitude is joy. Quiet resolution; a distant bird song.” P.178

In her book “Inside Past Life Connections: Dear Flower Lady” Maren shares stories from past lives and the present. Connections are revealed from the other side. Maren’s writing is authentic, beautiful, and brings another world alive. Maren shares her true experiences starting in very early childhood. All of Maren’s books are a must-read. She builds the genuine connection between everything that is known and challenges us to look at the world the way it is.

A taste from this wonderful book:

“There were multiple memories vying for attention, and I tried to show time while observing them, cautiously and wondered if I can see them could they see me?” p.6

Maren’s books and her knowledge are truly beyond what we know from this world. She can see what others can and feel and taste the other side of the “veil”.

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