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I was very excited to have an Interview with Adrien Blackwell, from what I have observed during her interviews in her Christmas Making Miracles series. She is a great healer, with a wealth of knowledge and compassion toward others.

Good afternoon, everybody I have Adrian Blackwell on the line with me and she's an amazing miracle worker, I'm very excited to have her today. I got to know her throughout the making miracle series. I watched a few of them and they were amazing. I would like to welcome you Adrien and I want you to please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Adrien: Well, hello thank you for inviting me here my name is Adrian Blackwell as you mentioned. I’m a professional celebrity healer. I have been doing this for many years at this point I have studied it for about 22. I have been studying for way too long for somebody who believes that they were not a healer in the beginning. Because I was convinced for so long as I’m doing healing work and learning all these modalities because I want to hear myself and my family. I had no idea really that I was going to ever turn this into a profession and that is basically how my career got started. In doubt and not believing that I can even do this. I thought that if you want to go to a healer, you should probably go to India and find a guru on the top of the mountain, and they would be the best person to do the healing for you.

At this point, we both burst out in laughter. Adrien continues and through the years for the first five years of my career, I was a celebrity psychic I did TV and radio. Magazines too, books I thought that this was my life I thought that everything I had manifested and created because this was my divine purpose in life. I thought I was going to be this and there’s who can tell people’s futures and then it hit me one day that this was just practiced it was helping me to connect to people’s energy to scan the body for health issues. It was helping me to connect to people’s subconscious minds because now when I do healing work, I can hear the answer the subconscious answer. Versus the person what they say. So, it’s been like 12 years of training this early training that has got me to be this healer. Believe me when I sit here, and I tell you about my life I am still surprised. Through this whole time, I have thought my carrier, and everything is going to be like Sylvia Brown going to be a psychic everywhere and how amazing is it that that was not the purpose that it was just my training.

Gabriella: That is wonderful. It truly sounds like you have been having an amazing journey in the last 12 years. I saw that you have learned many different treatments and modalities and I can’t remember them all. If somebody would ask you, what would you like people to know about you what would you say?

Adrien: First of all just to clarify it’s been 22 years; my celebrity psychic thing was 12 years. I have been doing the healing work professionally for about 10 years. I have been studying for 22. What would I want people to know about me? Wow. I think that if I would say hey, I want you to know something about me I think honestly it would be a lesson. Sometimes our happiest path in life has nothing to do with what you want right now has nothing to do with what you think it has everything to do with destiny and what with put a smile on your face and what gives us purpose in this world and so for the longest, I thought that was the whole psychic thing and then I realized my happiest is healing people. I wonder how much happiness I missed out on because I could not see that. All I could see was that you know it’s not me. I think that’s the greatest thing I want people to know is that it was a lot of studies but in the whole time I was on the right path. I think there are a lot of people on the right path, but they just do not realize it. It’s going to end up very different than what they expect.

Gabriella: I think that’s happened to many people that maybe you have to have that psychic experience to be able to get where you are today to be able to say no this is not for me; I have to search for something different.

Adrien: Yeah. Do you know something even funnier my guides are the ones who are always telling me that I am going to be doing that? And I am like no I’m not. We both laugh at this point. That is not going to happen. I am so fortunate to have a relationship with my guides the time in the future and I am being here telling them to know and now that I’m growing older and having wisdom, I would never do that again. So, my guides came to me and said you need to teach what you do because I am downloaded my modality. From all these different things that I have learned, I have been able to piece these things together and create something pretty amazing. So, they said you are going to teach that, and I was like ah… People have been asking me to teach for years. What am I going to teach you to know? I said yes even though I didn’t like the idea of teaching. When they finally told me what I was going to teach I got so excited and so happy I wanted to cry tears from happiness. They told me that I need to teach people how to create their modalities. I will give them the skills the tools and teach them certain modalities that they can pick and choose from. Maybe they want to do energy work maybe some of them are coaches and would have a coaching session and maybe they with how people all past, trauma and you will be able to have any technique that you need to work in any situation. Teach marketing so not that they will be able to leave and understand the healing work, but they are going to be able to market their skills and help more people. And that honestly is what I wish a course I had when I started healing work. My life would have changed so completely. Had I had the skills in the beginning had I learned more of the healing techniques if I had learned how to make this into a career so that’s what I’m doing some not fighting with them anymore. We both laugh again. I am not fighting with them anymore, so I’m excited about that.

Gabriella: you have been teaching heavy started to teach these courses?

Adrien: my first class is going to be six months long and it is once a week and that starts in January. My students my friends who have been wanting to do this forever it’s been exciting, and they are just like thank you.

Gabriella: that is wonderful so it is going to be a six-month class and how often the class will be do you want to tell us a little bit about this program?

Adrien: yeah, the class is going to be once a week on Tuesdays at 11 AM. The classes are going to be recorded so people can go back into the classroom, and they can watch the videos afterward in case they cannot make it live. The only time they need to be alive is the tutoring transit which is January 8 and 9th. So once a week people get the command and actually as the questions like I will be practicing healing and I came up against this issue or this problem can I get help with that or what you would do when this happens you know a lot of times when you take a healing course it’s either to three or four days and that is what you get and then you go about your business and you do not have a mentor or you don’t have somebody who you can contact and connect with and you don’t have a group of people who you can work with. That is what I want to create a show for the first three months it’s all about healing. That is, it once a week when we reconvene you have another technique that you will learn something else that you can use for your healing processes to hear yourself and to heal others. Learn how to work one-on-one and how to work with other healers. Learn how to heal groups. So, people can do webinars and they can do an in-person group session. Then we moved to three months of marketing.

Gabriella: marketing yes but so important for everyone it is very different now than what it used to be. Like either publishing, a book you kind of have to figure out how to serve the market because nobody is going to market for you.

Adrien: you know it’s what I tell people exactly what you’re saying things are so different, but it is as difficult now as it was then. To market is just a different way of marketing. We somehow think and it’s funny to think about, but I lived on this belief first show along that when we become healers, we don’t do it for the money. There’s a drive there’s something that is telling us that we have to do this that we need to do this something in my store even if I don’t know what I am doing that I feel like I need to. In the meeting that just because that we have this drive and this divine guidance or Angels, and our guides are or whatever people believe in that led us here that is going to mean that we are going to heal this one person and that one person are going to have this extraordinary experience that will tell 10 people and they are going to end up having 100 people and then we are going to be millionaires doing this. And it does not work that way for most people. We have to learn how to market ourselves and allow it to be repeatable. We need to be able to know how to do the same over and over and over again to get new plans and that’s how we make our livelihood so that’s what I will be teaching because for most people it’s not going to be by word of mouth of one person going to make it you know give us everything that we need bring us the people that we need bring us the money that we need, now we have to learn. I am putting it all in one place. (Adrien laughs here)

Gabriella: that sounds wonderful. Do you want to share with us a healing experience that you had either yourself or with someone else?

Adrien: I had a lot of healing experiences. It’s really which one do I want to choose from. What I noticed over time is that people would usually get a session or two with me and their depression and anxiety go away. A lot of the mental stuff that they were holding onto just goes away. And that just seems impossible, but it does not matter whether they are using medication or not. It is one of the most consistent things that I noticed with people. They just keep coming back to me and they say that after that one session it completely changed. And it does not go back they know how to manage their stress, how to manage their life without being overwhelmed or depressed. I had experiences with cancer. I don’t claim to be doing any of this stuff all I can do is delay stories that people have shared with me. I had one of my students take my class and I said I wanted to make millionaires from the class, and she wrote to me two months after the class ended. She remembered that I wanted to make millionaires and that happened she was a millionaire two months later. It was a total of five months from the start of the class to when she wrote the letter. My favorite story. My favorite, favorite story. I used to be a smoker. I was a smoker from age 15 to 19. During that five time frame what I found is that when I start smoking, I got a cold or flu it lasted a lot longer. I wanted to quit smoking. I remember during that time that if somebody would have told me that that’s the one thing that is going to change, I would have never started. I hate being sick. I remember trying to stop smoking and I couldn’t. It was the most depressing sad thing because there was another smoker, and it was too easy to smoke I couldn’t stop. He told me that when I got pregnant and stop smoking that I am always going to be a smoker and going to go back to smoking after the pregnancy. That terrified me to point that you know my daughter was five years old and I was waking up in cold sweats. I had a nightmare and woke up in cold sweats because in the dream I was smoking again. I did not want to go back to smoking. Five years in still not smoking terrified. Terrified about starting to smoke again. I decided that I was going to start smoking again for 30 days and then I was going to and that and that is going to be the end of it. I did not want to do nightmares anymore so that’s what I did I smoked for 30 days, and it was my friend that had called me on the phone, and she said is Adrien there and I said this is Adrien. She said oh my God you sound like a man in that was I quit smoking a little bit earlier because I am she said I was a man. – Adrien starts laughing here. How did my voice sound when I smoked. If you understand the story, you understand why even though I have cancer stories millionaire stories this is the story I will tell.

I had a client who showed up at one of my webinars she paid for the webinar, and she showed up. She wrote me a few weeks later and she told me I don’t know how I found you. I don’t know how I ended up in your webinar. At the beginning of the webinar, you had us set an intention about what we wanted, and she said I did not think it was going to happen I did not believe it was going to happen, but I wrote down to quit smoking and she said I been a smoker for 30 years. The next day after the webinar she smoked her last cigarette. And she was done.

Gabriella: Wonderful.

Adrien: I had to get pregnant. - She laughs. We both laugh-I had to get nightmares. I had to start smoking again. At her, she just went to healing. The next day she was no longer a smoker, and this is not the first time somebody told me that they no longer smoked after they had a session with me, they just had no interest in cigarettes, so I think it is such a strong feeling in me that it is easy for me to heal people because of my experience. My God that would be the greatest thing ever: you don’t want to smoke anymore you don’t have to. - It makes me laugh here again we both laugh again.

Gabriella: That is so wonderful and so much-needed because smoking can cause a lot of awful diseases. Thank you for working on that with people.

Adrien: You are welcome.

Gabriella: How does it work if somebody would like to get a session with you? How can they reach you? And once they book a session can you walk us through how would that look like? What can they expect?

Adrien: a session is different for everybody because I have so many different healing modalities. Sometimes I can use energy work and sometimes I can use processes and they work pretty much the same, but people are not one-size-fits-all. Everybody is so completely different that you have to use different tools for different people and sometimes different tools for different reasons. I had one of my longest clients was eight years, so you know I go through the process of energy healing work, and I go through the process of healing past lives, and I go through the always been clearing as much as possible in different places. She was older and there was a comfort of knowing that we’re going to work through all these different places in life getting better. You know you just start celebrating at some point when you are clearing the blocks you get to call me up and say there was healing manifests itself heal something this is what I would like to create: I want a new love, or I want a new career, or I would like to start to work on those things. People can go to my website and they can read through and figure out what I do. On top of that, they can just email me at Once they message me, I set up one session with them and that session will tell us pretty much all we need to be going forward which is if there’s one thing in your life that you would like to change what would it be? That is all I need to know and then I can start looking at why you be living with the problem where the blocks are, what needs to be cleared, and sometimes it takes more than one clearing because it did not happen overnight for most of us right? It wasn’t one experience that had been created it’s been a cumulative creation of experiences that have convinced us that this is the only way to be this is how my life is these are the results that I get so we have declared those experiences. We have to clear the first time it happened what if it didn’t come from you what if it came from your DNA and your ancestors? What if it happened in the past life? So, there is so much detail that makes us feel lighter. Puts a smile on her face you know just makes us feel good, you know. I get to do a lot of things I get to do intensive’s as well. I have to look back and I have been doing this for 22 years. I had to look back who is consistently comes to me who comes to visit me? And say I need help. And generally, honestly, a woman who is their career focused and career driven, and they want the money they want the power and their career and it’s a mask. They want love. They want a divine partnership. Either they are using money. They think that money is going to get them the relationship or the using money because this is the one thing they can control because they can’t control who loves them. And they feel like they are going to get hurt. And the relationships feel very dangerous. It is just easier to work on your career. I will like this paper I will straight out: how is your love life? He will focus on the money you want to focus on your career how is your love life? Usually, there’s a laugh over there is silence. That is all I needed to know that is the problem. And they are like I want to work on money, and I say if you can only have one thing in your life what would it be? And they say, love. So that is what I do my intensive’s I do my intensive’s on love. When you can open your heart, then you just open your heart to the possibilities and you no longer have those hot blocks all of this of the sudden abundance comes in, your family life changes you never thought your parents would change, your parents change, your children change whoever is in your life start the change and then all of a sudden you start to realize you changed. And they have started to realize you can attract the things that you want. Whether it’s a money relationship it doesn’t matter. I always work in the hearth I’m a heart-based healer. That is what people can expect when they come to me.

Gabriella: That is so beautiful. Heart-based healer, I just love that. That is so amazing. I have been thinking about you as you were talking. If you want to choose one thing what is that throughway matters in your life. You are right that think is just love. Nothing else matters once you have that you pretty much have everything you need.

Adrien: I think how people describe it to me over the years is that yeah you can have the money, and you can have the success but then who do you share it with? That is what comes down to is that it does not matter who the person is generally, it is not for everyone not everyone is going to say that my clients say that. In the and if I can only have one thing then I want to love. And the beauty is that that’s how we find out what’s important to us. It is not just love, when you open up your heart good things come on that level of love. Everything feels better after thinking feels brighter everything comes in a better way; than ever has before when you open your heart so that’s why VA focuses mainly on love, but it brings in all good things. Yeah, love is what makes the world go round - Adrien laughs

Gabriella: It is just like you are speaking my wavelength. I love it. I just recently wrote a meditation about opening up your heart. I have been working on a book too that has to do with connections and love. It is amazing.

Adrien: You are already understanding and getting the depth of the heart. It is really interesting because I have this webinar and it’s called receiving with an open hand. If you can imagine your heart is the hand, right? If I am trying to give you a $100 bill if I’m trying to give you money, I’m trying to give you something and you something and you come to me with a close first what is going to happen to that hundred dollar bill that I am going to put in your hand? It is going to fall off. You cannot receive with the closed fist. The hearth is very similar. It is either going to have a place where it’s open, it can receive can bring the things and it has that laid-back energy, bring in the money brought in the love but if you close off that hearth energy it’s exactly like the fist. It’s nothing to place anything - it is how most people arrive at the world. They show up and they are like I want a job; their heart is close to their fist disclosed. There’s nowhere for us to put this good thing. People come and ask to receive it with closed fists it does not work. I teach people basically how to open your hands' hearts open your hearts to receiving. Once you’re able to receive then all of the sudden all these things come in because a lot of people don’t think it’s them, they think the world isn’t giving me what I want. It is like wow how are you showing up in the world? Most people don’t understand energy, they don’t understand energetics, they don’t understand how they are getting in the wrong way.

I think that’s the beauty of what I do is that once you experience such rapid healing you can type lock yourself in this whole time. It is not a mystery anymore. That gives you power. The moment you realize that you know the difference between how you felt when you were closed often how you feel now that you’re open. Now you can do whatever you want you can open or close. You don’t have to keep showing up to the party not, with no container being able to get things that you want. Everybody else is receiving, receiving, receiving you like the weather is mine? - We laugh.

It does not have to happen anymore. It is such a beautiful feeling it feels amazing.

Gabriella: Yes. I think when people realize that everything that they need is already within them. They just have to learn how you said and you kind of like this person who puts in the key and helps them open the lock. So, they can use these energies and whatever supports them in their life. It is just so beautiful I am just sitting here as you were talking like imagining these opening hands. When I wrote it, I imagined the heart like a flower. Opening flower. It is so beautiful. It is amazing. Thank you so much for all of what you do. It is truly like a miracle like you did the miracle series. I had some questions but you kind of answered them as we were talking. Is there anything…

Adrien: I would love to hear what your questions were.

Gabriella: it was just like as I was thinking them in my head, he was answering them. Like what are the type of people who are coming to you, and you were already answering them, and about people blocking themselves and then they are realizing all those things. You were answering them as I was thinking about it.

Adrien: that is funny you know what that is because I have people come to me you know especially as a psychic; I had all these questions and answer them from the session because usually, I can hear the questions for some reason, I don’t realize it. I don’t think as much of it as a healer, but I also had people come to me say that you are answered prayer. I have prayed for help and all of a sudden, he repeated back to me what I was praying about. I think a lot of that is just like the subconscious and there are, more people as we are doing healing and energy work become telepathic. I don’t feel like it’s necessarily you know the magic or anything like that’s happening, this is just you know the norm of how people are it’s just been suppressed and not taught us, we don’t realize when we are doing it. I think that’s a great example of it that I had your questions in your mind. We both laugh.

Gabriella: I love it. Is there anything else like and advised that you would like to give to people. What would that be?

Adrien: For a long time, I thought, and this is about receiving with an open hand, or close to hand or open hearth of a closed heart. From the time I thought I had to do it by myself. I was thought as a child not to put my hand out. You don’t ask for handouts for number one and you don’t put your hand out. If my hands need something I grab that you don’t take your hand out for something. Don’t accept charity. So, there was a program there are three different programs I was running that told me that I wasn’t allowed to ask for help that I was to do everything by myself. And through the healing process is what I have learned that we are pack animals. We are running in groups, tribes, and communities. We don’t do anything by ourselves. If you are alone for too long, you eventually start to go crazy after a while. That is why people were stranded on islands there are movies about it right - like building coconuts and stuff and pretending that there are people - we did not mean to do things by ourselves it makes no sense, and it drives us crazy internally to think that we do and yet be still around those programs. So many of us show up and think that it’s wrong to ask for a handout, it’s wrong to put your handout it’s wrong to ask for help it’s wrong to receive help. But yet there is no person on this planet was successful who has that alone there is always somebody behind them. Where will be looking at investors or parents who believed in them or a job that they had with the job was giving the money, or if you have a client your client is not your co-pay or because they are giving you money for their service. We always need someone else. The key to when I want to tell people is that can’t do it alone and you will never do it alone, as long as you believe that that is your path your life is very difficult, it’s very hard especially when you don’t trust anybody. So, for me, I didn’t go to healer’s I held myself. I didn’t go to psychics I read myself. On the day when I realize I need help I need to sit down with a healer and stop trying to heal myself for a little while to be able to relax and pamper myself to be able to put my feet up, and - Adrien laughs here - have a little drink in my hand, water, or tea or whatever it is, and just to be able to allow someone to help me my life changed. More money came in. It was all a part of that intensive that healing, my heart intensive that allowed all of this to happen. I want to tell people don’t expect to do it alone, don’t desire to do it alone, do whatever they have to ask for help because that is what extraordinary healing is. It is in the asking for help and allowing yourself to receive it and say yes.

Gabriella: that seems so simple we had it can be so complicated for so many people.

Adrien: it is difficult. It is a simple-minded idea. It is simple to think just that I can say I need help. The concept is that is easy it is also easy to say to build the rocket and the rocket, goes forward and it goes to the moon, right? Words are so simple but sometimes asking for help can be just as difficult as building a rocket. We feel like we don’t know how to do it, it’s foreign to us. We may get in trouble for me I thought I would get into trouble if I asked for help because I was so programmed as a child and not to ask for it. People are going to hate me people are going to get angry at me, they’re going to tell me no. There was not a possibility for me to ask for help for a very long time. I understand what people are going through, I am just I’m so glad that I am not there anymore. I can ask for help. Yes. I always have someone like a coach to help with, I will always have help because I know no matter what I’m going through it’s going to make me continue to be more successful, I can help more people I can become happier with time, so as I age life gets better instead of how it does for some people, it gets worst. We can reverse that.

Gabriella. That is just beautiful. I am speechless. – we both laugh. Because, as you were telling me all about all these things my mind and imagination goes and looking at all these people in the world who need healing, and it's very important to reach out and say yes, I do need somebody else to help me. I need somebody to talk to or get a massage or whatever you need to get to that next step of the healing process. Thank you so much for all you do for all the people. All the people you are helping. It is wonderful that you can do what you love and also help people. That is just so beautiful.

Adrien: Thank you for that.

Gabriella: Is there anything else that we did not talk about, or you would like to add?

Adrien: Honestly, if I would end with the last message, it would be to receive with an open hand. Because you deserve it

Gabriella: That is beautiful. Thank you so much, Adrien.

Interview with Adrien Blackwell was recorded on 12/18/2021.

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