Introducing AB 201 Women’s Association in Agadez, Niger

Gabriella Korosi
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A wonderful Women’s Association formed in Agadez, Niger a few years ago. The association is a collaboration to help women in need in Agadez. Agadez is the fifth largest city in Niger, a land locked country in Western Africa. The region is “one of the hottest in the world” with temperatures up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit at night; Niger receives less than 12 inches of rain a year and has a “landscape of sandy basins” (Britanica). Most of the regions in Niger the soil is not fertile except in the Southern region. Most of Niger about 2/3 rd. area is “dry, tropical desert” (Britanica). Sustainability can be difficult in this harsh environment.

The Main Mission of the Women’s Association is stated on their Facebook page: “To engage and interact in meaningful ways with the local women of Agadez. Which includes providing monetary aid and supplies. Ultimately providing the women and local populace with the means to be self-sufficient.”

On December 17th the group was able to organize and create donation boxes for the local orphanage. This was the first donation with hopes for many more to follow. The boxes were delivered for the Holidays. “The First Four collected countless donations and were boxed up for the local orphanage in Agadez in celebration of the holidays. Thank you to all the volunteers who took the time to make an impact tonight.”
Donations collected by AB 201 Women's AssociationAB 201 Women's Association

The next steps working towards sustainability is delivering sewing machines to local women within the next few days. The organization was able to buy the sewing machines from a recent fundraiser.

The AB 201 Women’s Association is asking for your help:

“For anyone looking to donate to the locals of Agadez be it through clothes, hygienic items, or school supplies. Any support is appreciated.”

Please help spread the word of this wonderful new organization helping women creating sustainability. Contact the AB 201 Women’s Association to provide support and donation through mail, e-mail and on their Facebook page below:

The AB 201 Women’s Association’s address is:

New Women’s Association mailbox

PSC 65, Box 1008

APO AE 09909

Contact the Women’s association through e-mail at

AB 201 Women’s Association Facebook page:

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