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By Dr. Gabriella Kőrösi

Growing up in Hungary we celebrated name days just like birthdays. Celebrating a given name as a collective. The tradition begins centuries ago explains Linda Kinstler in her article “Celebrate Your Name Day. It’s Like a Birthday, but Better.” Linda explains that name days began with the Greek gods, saints, and an opportunity for the church to decide what names are appropriate. Today's name days largely separated from the church.

My name, Gabriella, originates from Hebrew. It is the female pair of Gabriel. The name is incorporated into religions including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. (Britannica) The name Gabriella has the meaning of God gives strength in Hebrew, Men of God, Champion of God. In Italian, the name means Women of God. Strength of God. In Swedish, the name means Strength of God, in American: Women of God. I was always explained by name that it is coming from the Ark Angel’s name Gabriel. I thought that was beautiful. Gabriel was a messenger appearing in from of the Virgin Mary announcing that she was chosen to bear the Son of God. (The National Gallery)

Growing up we celebrated Gabriella on December 12th. Name days were celebrated by family, friends, co-workers around you and it usually entailed receiving flowers and maybe small gifts.

There is a numerological analysis of the name Gabriella which is the number 4 based on letters and their assigned numerological value. You add all the letters together and the final two-digit number together. For Gabriella it is

G (7 ) + A ( 1 ) + B ( 2 ) + R ( 9 ) + I ( 9 ) + E ( 5 ) + L ( 3 ) + L ( 3 ) + A ( 1 ) = 40 (4 + 0 ).

I find this interesting as my birthday is on January 4th. Based on the number there is a description of what does the name mean, and this usually shows characteristics for the person wearing the name he/she was given. According to Nevek Neked the number 4 means attachment to familiarity and traditions, doing a lot of things yourself, difficulty in taking risks, and outstanding in intellectual creativity.

Tanaaz who is an astrologer and author of many books in her article “The Numerology and Spiritual Significance of 12/12” discusses the meaning of the power of 12/12. Tanaaz asserts that there is a great power on 12/12 that arises helping to unlock “high realms of consciousness” and “raise the frequency of our light body”. Tanaaz also explains that the number 12 is a powerful number that represents “wholeness and completion”. There are 12 months and 12 zodiac signs. Tanaaz describes that the completion of a cycle and the energy magnifies on the 12th day of the 12th month. Tanaaz recommends paying attention to our dreams today and she offers a wonderful meditation practice for 1212 that you can access through her article.

Exploring additional meanings for 12:12 in the Mirror: Hour it is described as the “subconscious taking over the conscious” The Mirror: Hour describes the number 12 as being a significant number in multiple religions including in the Old Testament the 12 tribes of Israel, in the Christian faith it describes the 12 stars that surround the Virgin Mary and, in the Quran, it talks about 12 Imams. The article also describes that seeing the 12:12 regularly means that angels interacting with you and your “efforts will be successful”. Mirror: Hour also describes that the number 12:12 means “creation and renewal” and it brings positive changes to your life and into your relationship. Additionally, there is another anger Aniel who is a guardian angel and symbolizes “Divine Breath and bravery”. Aniel helps you overcome obstacles and challenges in your life and provides you with guidance and courage. The Mirror: Hour site provides you with a link where you can leave a request to Aniel. They also recommend using meditation as a way of communicating with Aniel.

I recently read an article from Erin M about numbers and messages from the universe in her article “How to use the secret messages from the Universe”. Erin describes in detail how the numbers 111, 222, and 888 have been showing up in her life and interprets the meaning. Since I read her article, I have been paying more attention to numbers and looking up the meanings of numbers on certain days. After reading her article I woke up at night and the clock showed 2:22 am. I started a program yesterday on 12.11.2021 with my friend Esther who is my coach. Today is my name day on 12/12/2021. I will be paying attention and trying the powerful meditation recommended by Tanaaz.

Do you have a name day or had any experiences with numbers 12-12 in your life. Please share your experiences.

Thank you for reading,


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