Documentaries on "Open Minds" Discuss Human Abilities and Consciousness

Gabriella Korosi
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By Dr. Gabriella Kőrösi

What are we capable of?

Many questions can come up when we are talking about human consciousness.

What is our human mind capable of? What is it mean to be human?

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There are more and more discussions about what consciousness is. There’s a recent movie that came out directed by Caroline Cory called Superhuman. In the movie, you can see multiple experiments, scientific measurable experiments that pushed the limits that we thought that we are capable of as humans. If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it can truly change the thinking of human ability.

What do you think you are capable of as a human?

Are your abilities constricted within your physical body? Is it possible that you can expand your mind and open up and control your body function and change things within your body as well as outside of your body?

Caroline Cory in her interview exploring extrasensory consciousness on Gaia states:

“positive thinking is a dominant force”

In the conversation when the question came up if we can change things could we also change things negatively. As an example, if I want to stop the rain until I got to my car with this mess up something in the universe and our earth cycle. What does it mean to be raining? Also, if too many people are thinking negative things would our energy as a collective tend to shift over negative things?

Caroline Cory believes that things tend to side with positivity. Caroline discusses that if you believe that you are well you can make your body change and be well. She states:

Accept that you are well” and “believe that it is possible”.

You can find out more about Caroline and her work on her website

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that we can do anything? Is it possible to open your mind and your heart and change the energy around you? Make it more positive?

I watched another interview Facing our Transhuman Future on Open Minds on Gaia Gregg Braden with George Noorie.

Gregg describes:

“I am convinced we can change things with our thoughts”

Gregg talks about ourselves that we have about 50 trillion of them and each cell can create an electric potential of 0.07 volts. He also describes our cells’ ability to be photon generators and have the ability to self-regulate.

I wrote about cells and the exploration of human existence in my article Why You Are The Miracle and How to Except It.

Both Caroline and Gregg believe that we can heal and rejuvenate our bodies.
You can find more about Gregg’s work on his website
Both Greg and Caroline have done extensive work to explore human consciousness and human abilities.

I would be curious to find out what have been your experiences when it comes to our minds and bodies?

Do you believe in the ability that we can heal ourselves? Do you believe ability that we can change things around us by changing our thoughts and becoming one with everything that surrounds us?

There’s a lot of debate about what is possible and what is not. Are we limited? What can we do? More and more people have experiences that we call miracles. Have you had one of those experiences? When did something you wanted to happen did happen?

There are a lot of questions and multiple different opinions about our limits and abilities as human beings. What do you think? How do you feel about this topic? Does it make you curious? Is it interesting or is it upsetting?

Have you noticed changes in your body when you meditate or when you’re in deep relaxation? You might have felt that there’s something different there’s an internal calmness. You might have had feelings that there’s no limit to your mind. You might have seen things that did not make sense for you didn’t understand. I explored achieving absolute stillness in a previous article.

I would love to hear from you. Let’s continue the conversation,
Thank you for listening or reading,

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