Healing by Honoring Yourself and Others

Gabriella Korosi

Where can the path of love and flow lead you?

By Dr. Gabriella Kőrösi

Learning from our experiences creates space for healing in our bodies and minds. Healing can be a complex process. There are a few recent experiences I had that can have a profound effect on healing.

Participating in an acupuncture session yesterday I had a wonderful conversation with my therapist. It had been two months and we had a lot of catching up to do. We talked about healing, love, and caring for others, and in the middle of the conversation she just said she has been thinking about

“How can we heal?” Then, simply stated: “We can heal with love.”

I have been writing and talking about sending love to the world and her words were singing to my ears.

Simple, and beautiful. She recently recognized that sending love to whatever we do and creating that flow enhances the healing process. Instead of trying to have the mindset that “I am going to fix this” have the mindset to send love to whatever it is or whomever it is including yourself.

We discussed acceptance and love for ourselves the way we are moving toward unblocking the energies around us and within us. Later, I asked her as she was placing the needles into my body to send them with love. She laughed and she did. She comes up with a great idea to replace the word sending chi to send with love. I had another powerful experience when she placed the needle in the middle of my right wrist to a heart point. The sensation was pain. Intense pain it felt like my heart was screaming. The sensation was also like an ever expanding ball of strength and energy that needed to be released.

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from Maren Muter who is an amazing, wonderful person with extreme experience in metaphysical knowledge. If you are interested in consciousness and after-death communication, please check out her website here.

Maren in her Newsletter included a Christmas interview series with Adrien Blackwell. I looked up her website and she works miracles. She makes miracles happen and works on spiritual awakening and connection to our intuition. I included her website below for you to check out.

Adrien is interviewing healers in her Christmas special about their experiences and asks for advice. In the past two days, I listened to a few of the interviews, and I am impressed. Adrien is cheerful and fun and the people she interviews are humble, knowledgeable healers. Below are a few examples.

Laurie Herbers is an author, a coach for empowerment, love, and spirituality. There was a great discussion in the interview about giving to self and others, releasing control, surrendering, and having no judgment. It sounds simple and yet efforts to be nonjudgmental can be difficult in our daily lives. Laurie talks about the flow that takes me back to my prior knowledge of the subject from Mihaly Csikszentmihályi.

Mihaly Csikszentmihályi wrote about flow in 1990 in his book Flow. He describes flow

as an “optimal experience” “where things are going well, as an almost automatic, effortless yet, highly focused state of consciousness”

When you are doing an activity and hours fly by without you noticing it and you are creating something and get lost in time and space that is flow. Some examples from personal experience: I get lost in writing, reading, walking, gardening, enjoying nature, creating art, and in great conversations. When you are in flow hours can go by and things around you feel joyful, happy, and effortless.

“flow is the result of the intense concentration on the present” — Mihaly Csikszentmihályi

Laurie explained rivers and their flow in a different context. The way you can stand inside a river and face your fears or stand aside and be blocked and not able to move forward.

Laurie emphasized that we need the flow to continue in our lives. Just like in the river. If the flow stops, you get stuck. Letting go and participating fully in your life even when something is uncomfortable keeps the energy flow going.

Imagine a rock in the middle of the river. The water keeps flowing over and around the rock. The rock is clean, smooth, and well-rounded. A rock on the side of the river has a very different experience. While the rock is close to the river it is not smooth, clean, or rounded. The rock is covered by dirt and has sharp edges. Picking up this rock and placing it into the water immediate transformation can be seen. The water will clean the rock almost immediately. The rough edges will take some time to get more rounded. We need to be in the sink and flow with things around us. Let things flow.

Mihaly Csikszentmihályi explains that when we are in the state of flow it

“Relieves us from the usual fears that cause depression and anxiety in everyday life”.

Later in the interview, Laurie recalls a time when she realized she need to honor herself and others made a big change in her life. Honoring your actions toward yourself and others changes how you live your life. She encourages you to ask the question: Why? Why is someone bothering you? to get into why is what the person saying triggering you? This goes back to the idea that if you are triggered it is an issue you have not the problem the other person has. Laurie recommends getting rid of it. Let it go. I highly recommend watching her interview.

The next interview was with Damla Aktekin. Damla is an energetic and wound healer, coach, and writer. She works with people who can look at their wounds and are ready for healing. She states that looking at your wounds can be overwhelming. When you are ready it means you are ready at this moment to do something about it. Heal your trauma.

Damla recommends having an abundant mindset in life. The notion of not getting stuck comes up again.

“Don’t get stuck, keep moving” — Damla

Damla has some great videos on her website and a simple questionnaire about you that evaluates trauma in your life. I did her test and to my surprise, I scored 7. Above one therapy is recommended. Damla works with tapping and frequently repeats this statement

“I completely, lovingly accept myself”

I reviewed Damla's first videos and followed her instructions to my surprise during session when she was asked to think of the questions and my answers and what was the first thing that popped up in my mind, I immediately had a very strong response to my past: FEAR. This was a surprise for me.

Damla already thought me so much just by watching a few of her videos and following her instructions. I am grateful for her expertise in the area of healing. Damla describes that we have an electromagnetic system around us and you need to re-order yourself through healing to increase flow, increase openness and expand the electromagnetic system around you. When we are afraid and have past trauma the electromagnetic field shrinks and does not function well. She describes rebuilding the field cell by cell just how our cells divide. Every time we become open the field expands.

I am grateful for Adrien and the wonderful interviews she is creating with knowledgeable healers. I have learned a lot of new information and reinforced previous experiences.

Please share if you had any healing experiences,

Thank you for reading,


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