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Productivity is the relationship between productive activity and the means necessary to carry it out. These means can be technological, human, or infrastructural. It can also be understood as the output obtained by a productive system using certain resources to do so.

Likewise, productivity can be measured in terms of time, which means that the less time it takes to obtain a certain product, the more productive the system can be considered.

Productivity is not only about doing but also about defining what desired result we are looking for so that we can optimize the process to achieve that desired result. On a personal level, productivity is about achieving the personal and professional goals and objectives that you have set for your life, that make you happy and that allow you to prioritize when doing tasks.

Persuasion is the ability to convince someone of a certain point of view. Persuasion is a technique that began to be spread by the Greeks as an important part of rhetoric. In this sense, good rhetoric uses persuasion to influence the recipient of its arguments.

Persuasion is achieved through influence. It is intended that a subject modifies their way of thinking or their behaviors, for which it is necessary to influence them through their feelings or by supplying them with certain information that, until now, they did not know.

Being able to persuade people (in an ethical way) allows you to achieve almost anything you want, you can get them to buy what you sell, to know in depth the benefits of your product, and even vote for you!

As Stoicism is called the philosophical doctrine that practiced the control of the passions that disturb life using virtue and reason. As such, its object was to achieve happiness and wisdom regardless of comforts, material goods, and fortune.

According to Stoicism, the key to happiness is found in ataraxia: the balance that is achieved when there are no disturbances. To achieve ataraxia, the individual must remain oblivious to material vicissitudes and has to refrain from making judgments.

The Stoic school had a profound influence on Greco-Roman civilization and, consequently, Western thought in general. It is present in Christianity, Buddhism and the thought of several modern philosophers, such as the German Immanuel Kant, in addition to having influenced the contemporary technique of psychotherapy called cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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