Oro Valley, AZ

Laurie Fleming is a culinary enthusiast and innovator in the air fryer cooking domain. As the owner of ForkToSpoon.com, she has been a significant contributor to the world of air frying since 2016. Her website, ForkToSpoon.com, stands out as a dedicated resource hub for air fryer enthusiasts, offering a wide array of easy-to-follow air fryer recipes, along with additional content for Blackstone Griddle Recipes, Ninja Foodi, and Ninja Creami Recipes​​​​. Fleming's passion for cooking is evident in her approach to recipe creation. She focuses on quick and simple meals, emphasizing the use of ingredients commonly found in one's pantry. This approach aligns perfectly with the ethos of air frying - making delicious meals in a more convenient and healthier way. Her website is a testament to her dedication and creativity, providing both novice and experienced cooks with a treasure trove of ideas to explore the full potential of their air fryers. Not only has Laurie Fleming established a significant online presence with ForkToSpoon.com, but her expertise in air fryer cooking also marks her as a pioneer in this culinary field. Her commitment to making cooking accessible and enjoyable shines through her work, offering home cooks worldwide a valuable resource for expanding their culinary repertoire.