Fast Moving Brushfire Threatens Homes

Forest Ranger Mullin

Brushfire Was Over 100 Acres In Less Than An Hour

2/15/2022 Glades County, Fl.

A fast moving brushfire was stopped by the Florida Forest Service with help from the Okeechobee County Fire Department and the Glades County Fire Department. Around 12:00 on Tuesday, the Florida Forest Service received a call from a resident saying there was a large brushfire in his pasture. Florida Forest Service units from Okeechobee and Glades County responded to the incident. When Forest Service units arrived on scene, they noticed the fire in mostly grass with flames 10-12ft in height. With the strong winds from the recent cold front, the fire ran quickly through the dry and dead vegetation. The location and terrain made fighting this fire difficult. Due to it being a cow pasture, there were many flag ponds and wet areas that could have caused trucks to get bogged down or dozers to get stuck. Within 2 hours, the brushfire was almost 200 acres and in multiple properties. After about 3 hours of firefighting, the blaze was contained and the fire department brush trucks continued with mop up operations until all smoke and flames were out.

The winter dry periods make the perfect conditions for wildfires in Florida. Factor in that Florida has an ecosystem that depends and thrives on fire, with plants that have volatile oils in order to burn, makes fighting brushfires all that more difficult. Florida has people moving into more wildland areas from the cities daily. This increases the chances for wildfires and also properties being damaged.
Tomato GradePhoto: Chuck Mullin
Tomato GradePhoto: Chuck Mullin

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