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Best All You Can Eats in San Diego! Part 2


Part two of the list my friends! If you haven’t already, please go back to read part one.

3. Little Sakana

This list would obviously not be complete without an all you can eat sushi joint! Unfortunately we do not have too many options here in San Diego, but the freshest and best that I know of is Little Sakana in Mira Mesa. Besides your typical salmon, tuna and eel nigiri, they have a number of tasty rolls (some riceless!) as well as other fun items that include crab rangoons (I am so addicted to these) udon noodles, teriyaki chicken, miso soup, gyoza, fried rice, and salads. They also do baked rolls and deep fried rolls too. They have a few premium items such as various fish bellies and carpaccio as well. Little Sakana also ha BANGIN alcoholic drinks- you can get a twisted Thai Tea here, which is like a regular Thai tea but with rum! They also have some alcoholic yakult drinks! All in all, if you’re looking for quality sushi and premium items, Little Sakana is your place.
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4. 100’s Seafood Buffet

Now up to this point, I have not mentioned any places that are buffets. I’m typically pretty wary of buffets- I’m reminded of going to ‘Chinese’ buffets when I was younger, where the food wasn’t fresh and was often incredibly greasy. HOWEVER. 100’s Seafood Buffet is one of the ONLY seafood buffets in San Diego I will vouch for.

100’s buffet serves a combination of your typical Chinese food and fresh seafood. You’ll find cocktail shrimp, crab legs, and lobster on lobster nights! They also typically serve some sort of fish dish and sometimes crawfish. They also have a fresh sashimi and sushi section- yes, you heard me right, they serve SASHIMI (just the raw cut fish without any rice!). I typically come here when I’m craving hella salmon and want to load a plate with pure fish (no other AYCE joint in SD serves sashimi, only nigiri!) You will of course find some soups, fried rice, chicken and beef dishes, as well as a hibachi section (the section where the chef freshly cooks whatever meat and starch you choose) I highly recommend having the chef cook you some fresh shrimp there, with lots of garlic!
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At the end of the meal (or in the middle? Your choice!) they have a full ice cream/sorbet bar along with a few other desserts. Their sorbets are DELICIOUS, which is quite odd for a Chinese buffet…. You wouldn’t expect them to have good ice cream right? Wrong. 100’s has you covered from beginning to end.
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5. Jeong Won KBBQ

Jeong Won might be the most interesting KBBQ joints in San Diego- if only for the fact that the meat is in a buffet. So you get up and get your meats on a plate from a buffet section of the restaurant. The plus side of this is you can get how much or little as you’d like- you can get 5 pieces of steak and one piece of pork belly, or the other way around, instead of relying on the waiter to portion out meat for you. You also don’t have to wait- if they’re busy, you’re not sitting around waiting for the meat you ordered. Though the meat isn’t as high quality as Handoo and they don’t have as many side dishes, they do have scallion pancake and they offer more for the same price. Unlike Handoo, they include a few kinds of steak and also FISH! Yes, you can BBQ fish here. I might have eaten like 2-3 pounds just myself. I would recommend coming here if you are a newbie to KBBQ and want to try a lot of options with no strings attached. Also if you like fish. Like a lot.

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