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Best Hidden Gems of San Diego Part 5


The continuation of my hidden gems of San Diego continues! Please see previous installations of this series if you haven’t already J

7. Q’ero Restaurant

Have you ever had Peruvian food? If not, I would highly recommend Q’ero of Oceanside- best Peruvian food in San Diego in my opinion! Q’ero is run by a family from Cusco, Peru, and is named after a community of spiritual indigenous peoples who live high in the Andes near Cusco. Eating at Q’ero feels like eating at a grandma’s house- cozy, warm, and covered in Peruvian paintings, wall art, weavings, pottery and religious statuary (which are also for sale!). When you sit down, the first thing you need to get is the house drink, chicha morada, a non-alcoholic iced drink made from slow-boiled purple Inca corn with cinnamon, cloves and orange juice. For food, I would start with the empanadas that are hand made my grandmother Carmen. My favorite dish here is the sudado de pescado, which is a Gluten-free. Pan-roasted verlasso salmon in a delicate fish broth with chicha de jora, onions, tomatoes, and aji and rice. The way they make their salmon is phenomenal and the broth is absolutely beautiful. I would recommend anything on the menu however.

You HAVE TO get the tres leches for dessert- sometimes I make the forty minute drive just for this cake! It’s a sponge cake that has been soaked in three kinds of milk. Theirs comes with a berry coulis that is to die for. Make sure to stop by!

8. El Pescador

My favorite seafood place in San Diego! El Pescador located in La Jolla is a casual joint that serves as an eatery and a seafood market. What I love about El Pescador is that you can buy seafood by the pound and then pay a few dollars extra to have them grill it for you. So instead of going to a fancy restaurant and paying an inflated price for scallops on top of a pasta or octopus in a salad, you can get just those proteins at almost market value. I like to come here and get two thirds of a pound of octopus, which ends up being three giant tentacles for under twenty dollars (at most places you’ll get two small ones for $18 or something ridiculous). Their other dishes are good too, but I mostly come here to get cheap seafood that’s been cooked to perfection. Seriously, they get the octopus perfect every time, which is very rare.

9. Taco Surf

There are a million good taco and burrito places in San Diego; you’d be hard pressed to walk a few blocks without running into one. My personal favorite, however, especially for their burritos, is Taco Surf in PB. I’ve walked by this shop so many times (it’s on the main strip next to the beach) and never stopped by, and I’m kicking myself for not trying them sooner. The California burrito I got here was so stuffed, and it was the first time I actually liked the taste the rice inside of the burrito. Most places’ rice is plain and not noticeable- but Taco Surf’s is so delicious. Their meat is incredibly tender and well-seasoned too, not dry and bland. I loved their fish tacos too! So fresh and perfectly saucy. Make sure to stop by if you’re in PB and support a local family run business!

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San Diego, CA

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San Diego, CA

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Hello friends! It’s time for the continuation of the best hidden gems in San Diego :) Now I go much more in depth about Soup Du Jour in another article, but to sum it up, SDJ is a cute hidden gem that serves soups and other dishes from around the world. It’s nestled in an apartment complex and has a beautiful patio with a fire pit! Every soup I’ve had from there is amazing, and you can tell how much effort they put into perfecting each dish. I often come here on rainy/cold days or when I need a bowl of soup to cheer me up. My favorites include the albondigas (Mexican meatball soup) and their vegetable udon (in a beautiful low sodium dashi broth!). If you’ve never had udon, it’s a thick bouncy Japanese noodle that’s actually my favorite type of noodle! I’m addicted to the thick juicy texture. My boyfriend’s favorite is the spare rib daikon- it reminds him of the soup his Taiwanese mom would cook for him growing up. I pair their soups with the spiced street chicken (Taiwanese popcorn chicken) and homemade taro chips. Their street chicken is as good as any boba shops’ on Convoy, which is saying a lot! And their taro chips are SO addicting, but without any of the additives or artificial flavors of chips at the supermarket. Anything you get from here will be a hit. Some of their other dishes include braised beef pot roast, scallion bread, chickpea cauliflower curry, roasted duck wraps. You can even get local beers/kombucha on tap here, as well as boba! If you miss Souplantation and are looking for a replacement for their soups, look no further!

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