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Best Cheap Eats of San Diego Part 2


Part two LET’S GO

4. Calozzi’s

I might not be a cheesesteak expert, but I can without a DOUBT say Calozzi’s has the best in San Diego. They’re a cute family owned shop in Pacific Beach- super casual and hole-in-the-wall. They’re cheesesteaks range from 10-12 dollars, but one is more than enough for two people. I like their variety- my favorite is actually ‘The Donnie’ which has mushrooms. So good! They have options with pepperoni, and also one with peppers too. You get to choose whether you want yours to come with fried onion (I would say yes) and a choice of cheese out of American, cheese whiz, provolone and mozzarella. Cheese whiz is of course the classic choice, but provolone is tasty as well!

5. Coconut Girl

Another gem in Pacific Beach! Coconut Girl kitchen happens to serve Malaysian food, which you won’t find much of (if at all) in San Diego. The only other place I can think of is Dija Mara, which happens to be fine dining. They serve an eclectic group of dishes that also includes some Thai, some Chinese, and some Vietnamese. I love stopping by here for quick soup dumplings or Mi Goreng (Singaporean noodles! No one else in San Diego has them!)

They also have Laksa curry noodle soup, another Malaysian rarity. Most items here are under $10. I would recommend anything off of the menu! They’ve got multiple kinds of noodles, dumplings and various fried items! Don’t forget to get some of their refreshing drinks as well.

3. Shawarma Station

Shawarma Station is a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food truck, and while they have bomb food, they are on this list for mainly one reason: their AMAZING shawarma sandwich. I inhaled it in a matter of minutes and felt sick afterwards (I wish I was joking!) because I ate it so fast. Their most expensive sandwich is the ribeye beef shawarma, which is $12. Besides that they have the typical spread of shawarma plates, gyros, falafel, chicken cream chop, as well as different kinds of fries loaded with meat!

4. FB Hot Chicken

My favorite Nashville hot chicken joint! FB Hot Chicken is located in Barrio Logan inside the Barrio Food Hub, which is a cloud kitchen location. This is essentially a warehouse full of tiny kitchens that have been smashed together. The BFH has a lot of amazing joints, FB being one of them. I’ve tried ALL of the Nashville hot chicken joints in San Diego (no joke, every single one) and FB is top notch quality and flavor. Their chicken is moist, perfectly crispy and has just the right amount of ‘hot’. Nashville hot chicken tends to be a bit pricy, and FB’s sandwich is a few dollars more pricey than their competitors, but their quality is worth it. A sandwich with one tender is $7, and a full sandwich with a 7oz chicken breast is $11.

Their other items are cheaper however- their loaded fries is only $8 and they have some fun menu item such as tacos, $9 for three. They have some unique Nashville hot chicken sandwiches as well. The Eggo Burst comes with mozzarella sticks and an egg, while the Dirty Bird comes with mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers. You can even get spicy noodles with chicken here! They’re ‘come back’ sauce that they slather all their items in is amazing and I would drink it if I could.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day! Check out my bio if you'd like to know more about me, or would like to see my mukbangs or more food photos!

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San Diego, CA

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San Diego, CA

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