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Best Pizza in San Diego Part 2


4. Gizane Bros

Gizane Bros is currently an Instagram only pizza operation! They have some of the most creative pies I’ve seen however and definitely deserve a spot on this list. Every week they have different flavors of a round pie, a Sicilian style and a salad. Last time we visited, the Sicilian was a bbq chicken, ranch, jalapeno and red onion pizza with cilantro. I was amazed at the chef’s ability to make such amazing and innovative combinations. The round pizza we got had slow roasted brisket, braised greens, tomatoes and mustard cream sauce. The weekly salad had greens, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, scallions, peanuts and peanut dressing (though I didn’t get the salad because…..well I just wasn’t feeling healthy that day). I love how each week he has a different theme! Check out their Instagram and place your order for pick up Tuesday night! Pick up will be in the Ocean Beach area.

5. Pandemic Pizza

Pandemic Pizza was started during… guessed it…..THE PANDEMIC. Operating out of Rovino Foodery, Pandemic Pizza serves neapolitan pizzas, garlic knots and wings. They also donate a portion of each order to a different charity weekly, as well as donating pizzas to local hospitals. I Love their pizzas simply because of how fun they are- our most recent order was a half mac n cheese and half French onion pizza. Super unique right? Some other flavors include Postponed Wedding: Organic Bianco DiNapoli tomato sauce, mozzarella, calabrese, pineapple, Calabrian chiles, ranch. And buffalo cauliflower: Roasted cauliflower, spicy buffalo sauce, red onion, blue cheese, ranch. Another huge reason to stop by here is their breakfast khachapuri! A Khachapuri is a Georgian dish (Georgia as in the Eastern European country, not the state) that is essentially a giant cheese boat. I wish more places in San Diego served these because they are AMAZING. What’s not to love? It’s cheese, tomato sauce and an egg that have all been melted together in the oven on top of a crust. So good! Check out their Instagram for weekly specials- they’re always cooking up new and inventive flavors. And support a good cause as well!

6. Pizza Rev

Pizza Rev is a chain similar to Pieology or Blaze- you get to make your own pizza similar to how you would make your own chipotle bowl! It’s incredibly fun because the toppings are unlimited, so you can go crazy and put how much or little you want. A personal pizza is only $9! First you choose your base, which can be thin, gluten free, cauliflower, or traditional. Then choose a sauce- pesto, marinara, spicy marinara, bbq, olive oil, alfredo. Then cheese- regular, feta, bleu cheese, vegan. I’m not going to list ALL the toppings, but some stand outs include artichoke hearts, meatballs, beyond meat and grilled chicken. I typically load mine up with so much chicken and garlic that toppings are flying off when they stick it into the oven. Oh, and I always get a side of pesto and marinara as a dipping sauce! I would highly recommend downloading their app, because you get free pizza on your birthday and they often give out other goodies as well! I personally prefer Pizza Rev over Blaze because of how juicy and tender their chicken is. Load it up!

That’s it for best pizza my friends! Have you tried any of these spots? What do you think? Let me know below! Fun fact: The top photo is my most recent, and the bottom is the least recent. So that's a progression of my food photography skills right there!

My handle on insta is foodventurewithanna, where you can find more delicious bites. I am also on the you tube now! Worldventurewithanna if you’re into mukbangs or would like to see a little more of me and who I am!

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