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Best Desserts in San Diego part 2


It’s time for ROUND TWO dear readers! Although to be honest there are so many amazing dessert places out there in San Diego that maybe there’ll even be a round three or round four. We’ll see!

5. Stella Jean’s

This wouldn’t be a true dessert list without an ice cream shop, so I’m putting down the best ice cream place out there- Stella Jean’s! Stella Jean’s was born around two years ago as a sister establishment to Pop Pie (which is also amazing and worth a visit!) and they’ve quickly grown in popularity since. Stella Jean’s has achieved the ultimate trifecta of gold standards for ice cream: unique flavors, top-notch quality, and stellar customer service. From the moment you walk in you feel as if you’re being welcomed into the Stella Jean family. They take their time explaining the menu to you, answer any questions you have without rushing you, and they’ll happily let you sample all of their flavors if you so desire. As a small batch ice cream shop, the quality is very high and their ice cream never tastes icy or ‘old’. The amount of mouthwatering flavors are endless; they rotate them frequently and have special flavors for holidays. I guess I’ll start with my favorites- ube pandesal toffee and butter pecan (can you tell I have an ube obsession?) Other fan favorites include mango sticky rice, matcha pistachio, and potentially one of the coolest flavors ever, earl gray citrus cake, swirled with house made blueberry sauce! Keep an eye on their Instagram to see what new flavors they’re cooking up.

6. An’s Gelato

If ice cream is on this list, you can bet gelato is going to be as well! A gelateria that many San Diegans hold near and dear to their hearts is An’s Gelato. When you first drive by An’s you might be a little confused at first because…..they’re actually located in an old dry cleaning place! To honor the previous establishment, An’s kept the name and a lot of the interior, and even incorporated irons and clothing into their décor. They also name their gelato flavors after fabrics such as silk, chiffon or linen. It is the absolute cutest and I am SURE you’ll fall in love with it. An’s is also small batch, and the founder made gelato in Europe for about 13 years before opening An’s in the US. You can taste the quality and passion in every bite. At An’s, you won’t find your typical gelato flavors such as pistachio, caramel, etc. Instead you’ll find carefully crafted combinations such as cotton (rice, milk, cinnamon, and snickerdoodle) crepe (papaya, mint, guava, lemon) or satin (pure golden kiwi. Literally tastes like candy!) They also often rotate their menu to reflect what’s in season or to showcase new flavors suggested by fans. Check out their website to stay updated on new flavors and collaborations with local businesses, which is something they often do! They’ve had collaborations with Paru Tea Bar and Sugar Mama’s Caramels in the past.

7. Crumbl Cookies

We have ice cream, we have gelato, well now it’s time for COOKIES! This was a bit of a tough decision because there are two really good cookie shops in San Diego- Crumbl Cookies and Batch and Box. Batch and Box serves more traditional cookies, while Crumbl really goes ‘out of the box’ (I’m sitting here laughing at myself right now). A good example of this is Crumbl’s current flavors (also rotated weekly!) which include a lemon poppy seed sugar cookie with lemon citron filling, a carrot cake cookie with carrot cake frosting on top, and their chocolate cake cookie with chocolate frosting on top. Maybe I’m partial to Crumbl because of the frosting, who knows. The first cookie I ever tried from them was a PB&J cookie that had the peanut butter and jam swirled on top of the cookie, and I’ve been a stan ever since. Check out Batch and Box as well if you’re really into cookies though! They also rotate their flavors to feature unique cookie combinations.

8. Cake de Partie

Now Cake de Partie is technically a restaurant, thus serving both savory items and sweet items. HOWEVER. Their sweet items MOST DEFINITELY deserve a spot on this list, because the sheer talent of their chef is astounding. She pulls off the most amazing technical desserts with such finesse. Let’s start with the crepe cakes- heavenly layers on layers on layers with flavors like Thai Tea, green tea, coconut and ube. Then let’s mention the lava cakes, which are the desserts that ooze out of the center when cut open (hence the ‘lava’). Every lava cake I’ve ever gotten from here has had the perfect instagrammable ‘ooze.’ Finally, let’s highlight the true dessert star……..the infamous SOUFFLE PANCAKESSSS. That’s right, CDP is known to have the most popping soufflé pancakes in all of San Diego. If you haven’t tried these pillowy desserts from the heavens above you are missing out! They have a luscious, fluffy, thick texture that melts in your mouth. I will admit, there are some that are turned off by the texture, mainly my boyfriend (which I still don’t get, who am I supposed to share them with then?!) but for the most part, everyone I know is obsessed with these. They can be very tricky to get quite right and are also a b**** to make as each order can take around half an hour. So I admire the chef all the more! You can get flavors like ube, crème brulee, tiramisu and chocolate banana. Their savory items deserve a whole other article on their own, which will be coming soon!

That’s it for desserts friends! There may be a part 3 looming in the future, there’s just too many good places in San Diego! With everything going on right now, I might make an article dedicated to dessert delivery services as well. What else would you like to see? Let me know down below!

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