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Hidden Restaurants in Benicia That Are Worth Trying

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If you have never had the chance to visit the city of Benicia, this is your sign to do so! If you cross the Martinez bridge from the east bay, you will find yourself soon enough in this lovely town. Benicia makes as a small nice one day trip from the Bay Area and there is so to explore and do. Benicia is a wonderful city that I enjoy visiting on the weekends because they have such amazing restaurants and small shops that offer delicious cuisine or even small bites! If you are visiting for the first time or if you are local, I would like to introduce several spots that I think are worth trying if you ever visit Benicia!

Aung Maylika

I love Burmese food. Some of my favorite spots to get delicious Burmese food are within Oakland or even Alameda. After discovering Aung Maylika, I am excited to find out that there is a even better but closer Burmese restaurant near where I live! The food and service here is wonderful and I do not have any complaints. Here are some dishes I would recommend ordering if you ever plan to pay a visit:

1. Tea Leaf Salad: I am a suck for ordering Tea Leaf Salads for when I visit a Burmese restaurant. However, the tea leaf salad at Aung Maylika is possibly one of my favorite ones yet! The fermented tea leafs and spices paired so well with the overall salad and the crunchy garlic garnishing was the cherry on top!

2. Garlic Noodles: This dish is a must order for when you visit. I order this dish every time. You get to choose between rice noodles or flat egg noodles. I prefer the egg noodles because it is more bouncy and chewy in texture. It is made with crushed garlic, homemade soy sauce, and then topped with cucumber, fresh onions and fried onions.

3. Chicken Crisp: This is my favorite protein item to order when I visit. It is made with breaded bite sized chicken with ginger, garlic and their home made honey soy sauce! It's absolutely delicious.

LOCATION: 836 Southampton Rd Ste E Benicia, CA 94510

The Workshop

Oh yes, yes, YES. If you have not been to The Workshop yet, you need to get to steppin’, because you have been missing out all of this time! If you love yourself some delicious cajun cuisine, then The Workshop is your one stop shop for it all. I seriously loved my visit here and will surely be back when I visit Benicia again. Here are some of my favorite items to order

1. Shrimp Po Boy: If this is your first time visiting, then I highly suggest ordering this item along with the Red Beans and Rice which I will also talk about on here shortly. First, I want to dig into the Shrimp Po Boy. This sandwich is pretty big in portion for the price! I have left overs for another meal. The flavors were delicious and this makes as a good lunch or on the go meal.

2. Red Beans and Rice: MY NUMBER #1 favorite item in the shop. Yes, it has got to be the red beans and rice. I have had a lot of cajun styled red beans and rice, but none of them compare to this one at The Workshop. You must not leave unless you order this. The flavors are magical and it leaves a smile on my face after every bite. It's good.

3. Beignets: I believe these babies are limited to the weekend only, but if you have a chance to snag a few, get them!

LOCATION: 511 Claverie Way Benicia, CA 94510

Got Plate Lunch

MMMM MMM MMMMM. When it comes to Hawaiian lunch plates, my eyes and stomach grow big. Oh man, some may think that many Hawaiian lunch plate restaurants are similar in foods, but not Got Plate Lunch. They have a fusion of foods that I would like to share! Here are some items I would recommend trying if you ever visit:

1. MuWasabi: This spot has the original spam musubi that you can order at mot spots, but you should definitely give their MuWasabi a try! It is their spam musubi topped with their house wasabi aioli and original garlic soy sauce. I love the extra kick it gives to the musubis!

2. Da "MIXED PLATE": For less than $15 you get A LOT of food. There is so much food that this meal is enough to serve about 2 more meals after! It is both affordable and delicious. This meal comes with BBQ Chicken, Grilled Spam, Portuguese Sausages, two scoops of rice, and their house made mac salad.

3. Loco Moco: I love how their loco moco tastes different from other spots. The meat tastes fresh and the gravy is oh so delicious!

LOCATION: 1034 1st St Benicia, CA 94510

One House Bakery

Wow, if you ever visit Benicia, come early in the morning and visit One House Bakery. They have some of the best baked goodies in the area and its WORTH EVERY PENNY. Honestly there are so many items I would recommend from here, because every time I come here, I always order something new and there has not been one bad thing on the menu! Here are some highlighted menu items:

1. Chicken Pot Pie: WOW, I love me some chicken pot pie, and the ones from One House Bakery hit the spot! It is so buttery and crispy on the outside and the inside is just as magical.

2. Braised Pork and Polenta: Another dish that WOWed me away was the Braised Pork and Polenta. The dish is filled with wonderful flavors and a creaminess that I simply cannot get over.

3. Meat Pies: Oh my, you cannot go wrong with any of the meat pies that are from this Bakery. They are all filled generously and they taste just as good as they look, if not, better!

LOCATION: 918 1st St Benicia, CA 94510

Have you ever tried any of the spots that I have mentioned? If so, what were your thoughts on the restaurants that you have visited Let me know in the comments below as I am always looking for great recommendations and places to try!

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