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I love heading out to Serramonte area because there are so many things to do in the area and so many places to eat! I really enjoy going to the Serramonte center and shopping at the mall. I later then indulge myself with some tasty and delicious foods in the area! If you haven’t been to the Serramonte area before. Here are some places I recommend checking out:

Serramonte Mall

If you love shopping, you will surely love what this huge mall has to offer. From shopping to delicious food offerings, here are some of my favorite stores and restaurants within the mall to try:

1. Daiso: If you love dollar stores, then you will surely love Daiso. Daiso is a Japanese chain dollar store that offers a variety of affordable things from home, cosmetics, to even Japanese food items! Everything in here is affordable and the quality of the products are great. I love that a lot of the items are offered at $1.50, even the food! Other items that are above that price, are certainly listed, but it is still affordable. I don’t think I have seen anything over $15 on a single item.

2. Other Notable Stores: There are other major retailers located at this mall that includes; Target, Cost Plus, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and more. If you wanted to take your time and window shop, this mall is the right place to so.

3. Amausaan Uji Matcha: This place I had first discovered when I was taking a trip to Berkely, CA. It is the perfect stop for when you are craving a fun and delicious snack or drink on the go. They just recently opened another location in the Serramonte Mall! Here is a list of items I would recommend trying:

a. Mango Extreme: I am a huge fan of mango flavored drinks but always find many of them to be too sweet and not enough tart. Luckily Amausaan Uji Matcha makes a really delicious mango extreme drink that is fruity, tart, and the perfect amount of sweetness.

b. Kyoto Matcha Cube Latte: I love this matcha latte because it is a play on the dessert! The Matcha are frozen cubes and you melt them with warm milk to make the perfect matcha latte. It is for sure Instagram worthy and also worth trying.

c. Matcha Red Bean Mille Crepe Cake: If you are into crepe cakes, you have to try the matcha red bean mille crepe from Amausaan Uji Matcha. I love it because it is not overly sweet and the mild and creamy matcha taste compliments the red beans that are inside of the cake. Amausaan Uji Matcha also offers other flavored mille crepe cakes so I would love to go back and try their other flavors like Hojicha (roast matcha) mille crepe cake as well!

4. Uncle Tetsu: That’s right everyone, the famous fluffy and soft Japanese cheesecake just recently opened their Serramonte Mall location, and their Japanese Cheesecakes are super delicious! Here are some of the items I would recommend trying:

a. Original Cheesecake: If you have not been here before, then I highly suggest trying their original cheesecake! It is a melt-in-your-mouth combination of light sweetness, along with a fluffy and bouncy consistency that is seriously a match made in heaven!

b. Matcha Cheesecake: If you love the flavor of matcha or green tea, then I highly suggest ordering the matcha cheesecake. Based on their online information, the matcha cheesecakes are made with Marukyu Koyanaen, the highly sought-after Japanese green tea. This ceremonial tea is prized for its intense yet delicate essence.

c. Cheesecake Biscotti: OH MY GOODNESS, if you thought Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecakes tasted good, wait till you try their Cheesecake Biscottis! Basically, what makes the Cheesecake Biscotti so thin and crunchy is the fact that they twice-bake the cookies! The biscotti’s maintain the signature lightly sweet and airy taste from their Original Cheesecake flavor, and get their extra crispness from that extra love from the ovens.


Bobaville is merely a three block walk or drive away from the Serramonte Mall, and I highly suggest making a stop here after you are done shopping, because they have some of the best drinks in the area! This place unlike other boba spots, handmakes their boba balls and they are absolutely delicious! The Boba balls are super chewy and thick, it’s the perfect texture. Here are some of my favorite drinks to order:

1. Hong Kong Milk Tea: This tea was extra creamy and you could definitely taste the flavor of the black tea that goes into making it. It was a great quality tea.

2. Jasmine Milk Tea: I am a sucker for jasmine milk teas, but it’s extremely difficult to find a spot that makes it perfect. Luckily, Bobaville makes some of the best Jasmine Milk Teas in the area, so I was really happy about this!

3. Mango King: For those who love the fruity drinks, you will not be disappointed with this drink. It is made with a mango puree, creama, and mango ice cream. I really enjoyed this drink.

Burma Café

I first discovered this spot through a friend’s recommendation, and oh boy I was not disappointed! The owners are seriously so nice here and the food is phenomenal! Currently, do to the pandemic, I believe they are only open for takeout, but it is worth it! If you are ever near the Serramonte Mall, save your tummy for this spot! Here are a few of my recommended dishes:

1. Platha and Dip: This is a MUST order appetizer. It is a pan-fried golden-brown roti that’s super crispy and is served with a mild coconut chicken curry sauce.

2. Tea Leaf Salad: This salad is absolutely delicious! It is made with marinated fermented tea leaves, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños, fried garlic, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, fried split peas, peanuts

3. Chicken Biriyani: Oh my goodness, I never knew that Burmese food included biriyani into their menu! It was my first time ever trying such a spin of a dish, and I instantly fell in love. It is made with braised boneless chicken in a curry sauce, basmati rice, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, cashews, bay leaves, golden raisins, fried onion

4. Garlic Noodles: My favorite plate of noodles! It is made with fresh egg noodles, sliced marinated pork, garlic, garlic oil, soy sauce and green onions, a side garnish of cucumber, red onion, chili sauce. I really loved the flavor on this and the chewy egg noodles!

5. Nan Pya Doke: If you are worried about the aftermath of eating garlic noodles, but you still want a noodle dish, then try ordering the Nan Pya Doke. This is my second favorite dish in house! Got to save the best for last. It is made with a house special noodle; flat wide wheat noodles, diced chicken in a mild coconut curry sauce, egg, roasted bean powder, cilantro, red onions, fried wonton, fried onion, soy sauce, and lime!

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