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If you are like me and you love shopping for hours to try and get in your daily steps, ONLY to be super hungry after, then you definitely need to take note of these worthy spots to eat at for when you are done shopping and ready to eat! I love going to these spots within the Stonestown Galleria Mall for a quick snack or to have a full meal. Hope you can enjoy these recommendations and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Los Kuyas

If you love Filipino food with a twist, you will surely love this spot! I seriously enjoyed these top 3 foods and would recommend giving them a try if you ever plan to visit:

1. Sisig Taco: If this is your first time visiting, I highly suggest ordering the sisig tacos. The tacos are made with savory grilled pork and then they are topped off with onions, jalapeño, sour cream and chicharron. This is a fan favorite for sure.

2. Tocino Taco: If you have tried the sisig tacos and you are ready to try something new, then you have to try the tocino tacos. The tacos are made with sweet glazed pork and then they are topped with tomatoes pickled in vinegar and onions. This is my second favorite taco option.

3. Bistek Burrito: If you love burritos, then you will absolutely ill love the bistek burrito! The bistek burrito is wrapped in a 13.5-inch tortilla. This burrito is huge and is honestly enough for two servings that I normally have it for lunch and dinner. The burrito is filled with rice, sour cream, cheese, onions, cilantro, mild salsa and delicious bistek.

Gram Café and Pancakes

Whether you’re hungry for just a snack, or a full meal, Gram Café and Pancakes is the spot for both options! Here are a couple of recommendations for when you visit:

1. Cool Premium Pancakes: If you love on the go snacks, then I highly suggest ordering the cool premium pancakes! You can choose from flavors such as oreo, matcha, custard, and more! When you bite into the pancakes, it’s like biting into a cloud, super light and fluffy. I also enjoy how the fillings aren’t overly sweet and compliments the airy pancakes so well.

2. Wagyu Beef Curry: If you ever plan to dine in, then I highly suggest ordering the wagyu beef curry. This dish is made with Japanese curry, a wagyu patty, a delicious onsen soft boiled egg, cheese, rice, and comes with a small Japanese salad. The wagyu was cooked to perfection and had a wonderful rich flavor that paired so well with the runny egg and melted cheese! I highly recommend trying this dish.

Matcha Café Maiko

If you like or even LOVE matcha flavored anything, then you need to come visit Matcha Café Maiko and try all of their matcha items! There are so (matcha) things to choose from, honestly you can just order them all, or order based on my following recommendations:

1. Maiko Special Matcha and Vanilla Mix: This is my favorite dessert to order when I am in the mood for something indulgent. This is Café Maiko’s specialty dessert and it is made with a matcha and vanilla soft serve cream, matcha chiffon, chestnuts, and shiratama mochi balls. It is delicious!

2. Kokuto Hojicha Latte: If I am in the mood for a nice latte, I ALWAYS order the Kokuto Hojicha Latte. For those who don’t know, kokuto is “brown sugar” in Japanese, and it is a popular sweetener used in Japan. Kokuto contains many minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, and zinc. I recommend not sweetening your drink, and then just order it with kokuto jelly, because that will make the drink the perfect amount of sweet! You also have the option of choosing dairy free milks as well.

Rooster and Rice

I had Rooster and Rice for the first time at the Stonestown Galleria Mall and I seriously loved it. Here are my favorite items to try:

1. The Marina: This set is my go-to set. It is made with all skinless chicken breast, and comes with organic brown rice.

2. Cup Khao Tom Gai: If you like to have something warm to fill the belly, then order this! It is a chicken and rice congee. They simmer organic chicken in a rich ginger broth and it then gets thickened with rice. The Khao Tom Gai is then topped with crispy chicken skins, and a nicely made poached egg.

3. KMG Sauce: This sauce is BOMB DOT COM. JUST GET IT.

4. Chicken Rice: If you have the option to swap for chicken rice, I highly suggest doing this. It is amazing, and the flavor is seriously addicting.

Marugame Udon

If you haven’t heard of Marugame Udon before, you will definitely know about it after this blog post because I am a HUGE fan of their udon noodles. I first discovered Marugame Udon in Hawaii during my vacation and was so excited when they finally opened their doors at the Stonestone Galleria Mall. The one thing I love about Marugame is their fast and efficient concept. You walk in, order your udon bowl, and slide up to the side dishes, then slide up to pay. Here are some of the things I enjoy ordering

1. Nikutama Udon: When I love a dish, I am the type to keep coming back and ordering that same dish, and the Nikutama Udon is THAT dish. It is made with fresh sanuki udon noodles served with Marugame’s signature sweet and savory beef in their signature bukkake sauce. The cool thing is that you can order this udon hot or cold (for hot summer days). I love how dense the broth is for this udon. You have to note that because this broth isn’t a “soup” there is much less liquid in the bowl. The broth is almost similar to that of a sauce that you mix with the noodles to get a rich flavor. Too much of it would cause the udons to be very salty.

2. Side Dishes: You cannot leave Marugame with just one bowl of udon noodles. You will pass by their station of tempura and musubis that you simply cannot pass up! However, I have a couple of favorite items that I recommend trying: Sweet Potato Tempura, Shrimp Tempura, Tamago Tempura, and their Big Chicken Katsu.

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