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I like to say that I am a lucky gal to be able to live in California and to be able to explore the many wonders that this state has to offer. On weekends, I really enjoy my time traveling along the coast line and finding new spots while stopping by several beaches. Once of my favorite spots is visiting Pacifica. I find that there is so much to do in this city. Whether this is your first time visiting Pacifica, you are familiar or live in the area, or even if you’re just dropping by from traveling the coast, these spots are worth visiting! Here are some spots I would recommend checking out for when you visit Pacifica.

The Fancy Pacifica Taco Bell

You’re probably thinking, WHY in the world would I recommend visiting a fast food chain, but this fast food chain is very unique.

Not only has this Taco Bell gone viral on the infamous TikTok app, but it most certainly is one of the coolest fast food chain restaurants located in a very special and lovely area. This Taco Bell is right on the beach AND they are a Cantina, meaning that they serve alcohol. Yep, that’s right, they serve beer on tap and offer a variety of slushes.

Although due to COVID, there are no indoor dining options available, you can still get your food and walk over to the beach and enjoy your food. However, please note that because it has gained a huge amount of popularity during COVID, expect to wait for your order. I advise that if you are visiting during a weekend, order your food via DoorDash and select the ‘Pick up’ option. This way you don’t have to wait in long lines to order your food. Or you could avoid the busy crowds all together and go on a weekday! Either way, it’s worth the experience in my personal opinion!

LOCATION: 5200 Coast Highway Pacifica, CA 94044

In The Attic

If you love antiques and collectibles, this is a fun place to stop by on your way to check out the beach nearby! When I first stepped foot into this store, I felt like I was in a time machine. I loved all of the cool and quirky things that they had carried. I believe I stayed here looking through out the various rooms and spent almost a whole hour just looking through everything. Not to mention, the service here was extremely friendly, the staff are such wonderful people!

Getting here should not be hard. The shop has street parking right in front of it and also there are a variety of other small shops nearby. You can easily roam around the nice and lovely area.

Also, as I had mentioned earlier, In The Attic is located walking distance from the beach! So after you are done shopping, you can take a stroll to the beach before you set sail again on the coastal drive.

LOCATION: 1925 Palmetto Ave Pacifica, CA 94044

Pacific Pier

After you have finished shopping at In The Attic, wonder over a block or two until you hit the Pacific Pier! I really enjoyed walking along the pier. You will notice that there is a lot of fishing going on here. I was able to talk to someone that mentioned that you can catch a good amount of crab here as well! Make sure to watch out for the fishers when they are casting out their fishing line! Don’t want anyone to get hurt. This Pier leads to Sharp Park Beach which is a nice walk as well. You can find bathrooms and a café nearby as well. I would highly recommend bringing a jacket, as it can get could depending on the time of day you arrive. On sunny days though, this place has the perfect breeze! I really love how calming it is to walk along the beach and pier. I would come back again.

LOCATION: 2100 Beach Blvd Pacifica, CA 94044

Living Room Plant Co

If you are like myself who has become a plant parent with the start of the pandemic, you know that you always have an itch to check out and search for local plant shops. I instantly fell in love stepping foot into Living Room Plant Co. The service is extremely welcoming and nice here. I have learned that it is a family-owned business and I am all about supporting my local businesses! If you ever have any plant questions, they are always so happy to help. Honestly, the plants here are in such great and lush condition, I highly recommend buying them from here. I purchased a cute little succulent here and named it Usagi. She is still very happy to this day!

LOCATION: 1614 Palmetto Ave Pacifica, CA 94044

Mori Point

If you have not had the chance to make your way and visit Mori Point, you must. I put this last on the list, because I save the best for last of course!

On a sunny day, this place is beautiful, on a foggy or drizzly day, this place is STILL breath taking and beautiful. So, don’t steer away from visiting this spot because of the weather, because honestly, just getting here and soaking it all in is such a wonderful experience.

If you plan to pay a visit during the weekend, make sure to get here early. I arrived around 9:30AM and there were not many cars yet. But by the time we finished exploring, there were more cars parked along the street. You can park alongside the road and walk to the trails. All of the trails are clearly listed with signs, and for those who are runners, you can run alongside the beach! I wish I was more local because I would love to run this.

When you first start the trail, you will walk about 10 minutes until you get to the split where the trail leads right or left. Depending on which side you take, some parts of the trail can be slippery so wear the right shoes with grips! We took the left side to walk along the trail and when you get to the top you will see such beautiful coastal views from every angle! It’s magical honestly.

Overall, this is a beautiful spot to pay a visit when you want to get away from the chaotic schedules of your life. Take a visit here, and just find time to clear your head all while enjoying the breathtaking views!

LOCATION: Mori Point Rd Pacifica, CA 94044

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