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If you are a fan of driving along the coast AND you love food, you will surely love stopping by Half Moon Bay. Half Moon Bay doesn’t only have some of the most scenic spots, but I have come to realize that the city offers a variety of delicious foods! Here are some spots that I have came across and absolutely loved during my visit to Half Moon Bay:

Breakwater Barbecue

I understand that this post is about trying awesome foods in Half Moon Bay, but El Granada is pretty much Half Moon Bay, so I am going to talk about Breakwater Barbecue! I love LOVE this spot for some delicious meats and sides. After you spend your day at Half Moon Bay, take a stroll to Breakwater Barbecue away from the hustle and bustle of it all. The service is amazing and the food is even better! Here is a list of things I would get again:

1. Family Platter: If you are visiting with family, I highly suggest ordering the family platter! For about $95 you can feed 4-6 people! This platter comes with 1 lb brisket (which is my FAVORITE, it is a MUST TRY), 1 lb pulled pork, ½ rack ribs (SO GOOD), your choice of 3 large 16 oz sides, Breakwater Pickles, sliced onions, Ancho Coffee BBQ Sauce, Spicy Carrot Sauce and thick sliced bread. I really highly recommend adding their homemade cornbread because it is my favorite side item! For the other sides I would recommend, the Big Boy Beans, Apple Cilantro Slaw, and the Merle’s Potato Salad!

2. Lamb Barbacoa: If you love lamb, order this pulled lamb special! I love that the lamb doesn’t taste gamey! Their lamb barbacoa is marinated, slow smoked, pulled lamb shoulder served with mojo verde sauce. If you like something different, I would try this!

3. Texas Sheet Cake: If youre into desserts, yet alone, if you really love chocolate, then you must order their home made Texas sheet cake for dessert! It’s made with chocolate, coffee, Kraken rum, house smoked pecans & sea salt, and it is sold by the square.

LOCATION: 30 Ave Portola #1B, El Granada, CA 94018

Dad’s Luncheonette

Oh man oh man, I have nothing but good things to say about this place. It is a small take out style restaurant and boy did their food impress me! I came to this spot on a whim because we were hungry from driving the coast. I really enjoyed everything that I ordered, and I plan to go back really soon! Here are my top three favorite items that I would highly recommend ordering:

1. Hamburger Sandwich: WOW, I didn’t know that sandwiches could be this good! Honestly, for the price you pay, this place is a steal because the quality of the food is so good. The hamburger sandwich is made with Grass-fed Beef, Soft Egg, Melty Cheese, Red Onion Pickles, Dad's Sauce, Red Oak Lettuce on Grilled Rosalind Barkery White Bread, in which I believe is a local bakery! It should be next on my to visit list.

2. Mac & Cheese: I don’t know what made this mac & cheese so special, but it WAS SPECIAL and OH SO GOOD. I know I had to share, but I almost devoured the whole order all to myself. The mac & cheese is topped with puffed wild rice and chives to give it that extra crispy texture and flavor.

3. Homemade Potato Chips: If you’re getting a sandwich, get the potato chips to go with it. And if you’re really crazy like myself, then use them as scoopers for your mac & cheese, haha. These chips are made with organic potatoes sliced by hand and made fresh every morning!

LOCATION: 225 Cabrillo Highway South at, Kelly Ave, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Half Moon Bay Crab Boats

This spot wasn’t necessarily a restaurant, but because it was such a fun and cool experience, I think it deserves to be written about. If you love real FRESH seafood, you must come here to purchase your batch. Local fishing boats sell their catch to the public and its super fun to be there. They sell seafood from crab, sea urchin, and more! I believe the price for the crab was $9 a pound! Make sure you have venmo or cash because that is the only form of payment that can be taken. If you come across a long line, do not worry because it goes by quick! I waited about 20 minutes to purchase my seafood and boy was it worth it! The crab was so good. Overall, I had a really fun time here and I would recommend visiting here for the fresh seafood and also to support your local fisherman and community!

LOCATION: 1 Johnson Pier Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Gulino Gelato

If you are a fan of gelato, then you MUST visit Gulino Gelato. This spot is conveniently located in downtown and is a good spot to stop in and try some interesting and yummy gelato flavors. Also, they change their gelato flavors daily, so you are never returning to the same flavors, its super exciting! The service was extremely nice and I ordered three flavors and loved them all! Here are the flavors I would recommend getting if they are available:

1. Mango: I am a huge fan of mango, and so I had to order this flavor and it was my favorite. I felt like I was biting into the fruit. There was a perfect amount of creaminess, tart, and sweetness to it that had me picking away at my gelato cup!

2. Graham Cracker: If you love cookie flavored, or more dense flavored gelatos, I highly recommend ordering this flavor! I loved it so much. I am usually the type to go for milky and cookie flavors before the fruity flavors, and this one by far rocked!

3. Strawberry Basil: I loved this flavor combo because it was both new and interesting to try. I would defiantly order it again as the sweetness and tart of the berries paired so well with the earthy tone of the basil! If you love a mixture of flavors, order this flavor.

LOCATION: 643 Main St Suite 6, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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